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You don't like Beast Walker? He was the one I always wanted.

I had a couple of Wheeled Warriors storybooks as a kid but I never saw the toys until I was a teen. A guy at a fleamarket sold me a set of them including three of the bad guys and the one belonging to Jayce. He also sold me the playset - the Battle Base, I think - which kinda looked like the Sandcrawler from Star Wars in that it was big and boxy with little treads underneath. It had a ton of little guns that could connect all over it and a big telescoping turret on the top. The whole thing opened up and had a bunch of rooms for the minifigures and ramps to launch the cars.

Really cool toys, all things considered. The little brain "drivers" in the bad guy vehicles were especially neat.

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« on: 03:50:47 PM 10/31/13 »
Dracula here. Same Dracula as Bogleech. (Same Dracula as...ever?)

Got an account so I could post comments on articles, but I might come round here some more too :)

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