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Hell Rising / Re: Suggestions
« on: 09:59:40 PM 03/13/14 »
Ah that make sense. Yeah having free whispers and general talking would help alot; especially when dealing with new groupless players (that somehow aren't an alt)

Hell Rising / Re: Suggestions
« on: 12:34:26 AM 03/10/14 »
I like the idea in general but due to how the games been in recent history it will clearly be abused and mostly unusable, much like a public stinto room.

If Hiei were here he would be sad to see he has finally been surpassed.

Not so sure about Nuclear but i actually enjoy the sound of storm/air raid sirens.

Hell Rising / Re: The undead vs Barricades.
« on: 05:30:07 PM 02/05/14 »
Frankie always there to think of our safety!  :D

Hell Rising / Re: Suggestions
« on: 05:44:31 PM 01/31/14 »
While i admit it is pretty dubious that there's suddenly 20+ more humans since yesterday i'm not sure if we're really ready to face reality that the game is likely only 15~ people.  :lookaround:

Hell Rising / Re: The undead vs Barricades.
« on: 04:10:10 PM 01/30/14 »
I don't play too much lately but from what i've seen and experienced the fence network seems pretty solid. Easily the best system of the defense i've seen employed ever in the game. Plus with current AP rate the defenses should be lasting theoretically. Maybe it's just all the alts?

Hell Rising / Re: Bug Reports
« on: 01:23:12 PM 01/28/14 »
Hey uh is it intentional that zombies can get infected? One of those plague NPC's inflicted me with it. Btw, the hidden Lazarix add on is pretty cool.

Hell Rising / Re: YO AP POLL WHAT UP
« on: 01:07:54 AM 01/21/14 »
I'm fine with how it is. Unless big seige battles were to return then any other AP rate would make sense.

Hell Rising / Re: HR Introduction/Re-Intro Thread
« on: 10:17:59 PM 01/09/14 »
I played this a while ago. I'm going to play it some more now :)

[spoiler]reply #69  ._.[/spoiler]

General Discussion / Re: Do you art
« on: 03:00:51 PM 01/04/14 »
I haven't art'd in years.  :-\

Hell Rising Announcements / Re: Do you enjoy playing undead?
« on: 09:30:22 PM 01/02/14 »
I guess there's always the option of spawning a different version on another site, too.

That was an option? Wouldn't hosting so many things be a strain on you when there's really no potential income from the games? Sorry if i'm being really nosy here or completely ignorant to how webhosting works.

@Tyr i get what you mean regarding humans but it really wouldn't feel true undead horror game style then since traditionally survivors are outnumbered in such things. I guess you're aware of that though.

Hell Rising Announcements / Re: Do you enjoy playing undead?
« on: 08:15:22 PM 01/02/14 »
Whoa no. One of my big gripes with big zombie games (Looking at you, Resident Evil 4 and on) is that zombies can somehow use tools and weapons just as well as a human can.
Vampires melee too hard already.

completely off topic but those villagers were freshly infected by parasites and weren't actually rotting inside like traditional zombies. Other than their parasite giving them a few quirks like aggression and maybe chestbursting in advanced cases the infected retained their intellect.

Hell Rising Announcements / Re: Do you enjoy playing undead?
« on: 07:53:26 PM 01/02/14 »
Follow-up -- what would you guys think if all three races used melee weapons the same?

Definitely think that would further detract merits of being human at all. I find it pretty odd to begin with that an intellect zombie has only a 2% less accuracy than a fully functional human tbh, but it seems to work out decently anyways.

Have you ever considered dividing up the classes further amongst themselves like alot of RPG's are? I mean, we all start with a class name and one distinct skill upon start but those that stick around the game for a efw months tend to evolve into the same all around pan-killing machine guy. If you ever played Left4Dead at all then i think that's a good reference too, the infected were all rather distinct classes like one was agile type or another was good for pure damage. Then there's games like Final Fantasy with even further complex race/class mixing where you can have multiple jobs/subjobs that complement each other and such.

@Leonhrist you're not alone, a few people before suggested some territory control stuff, there should still be a thread on page 2 or so with some decent ideas.

Speaking of ideas, y'all bitches need to stop lurking and post ideas even if they're horrible and stupid. I know you're reading some of this!

Hell Rising Announcements / Re: Do you enjoy playing undead?
« on: 07:28:22 PM 01/02/14 »
I frequently think of the sort of vampire in games like Vampire: The Masquerade, that could use guns, melee weapons, cash,

Slime mentioned once before the Vampires in game were based mostly on the 30 Days of night Kind, so when i realized this I just assume that they can't hold or manipulate most items well due to their huge badger claws.

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