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Hell Rising / Re: Reload page EVERY time I click?
« on: 02:57:03 AM 09/02/13 »
The page has to reload each time, because there are a lot of factors you might need to be made aware of. Like who's in the room, the barricade/repair level, where you are on map view, if the door's open, if there's a generator and how much fuel it has, if there's any new discussion, if there's a new event, etc.

There's really no way around having to refresh the page, otherwise you might miss some info if, say, the map view didn't reload and you didn't see "1 Zombie" appear on the next tile over.

Ah, okay. Well do you have any suggestions as to how I could speed up the process? It's quite frustrating, but if there's not that is fine I will definitely keep playing.

Hell Rising / Reload page EVERY time I click?
« on: 02:06:51 AM 09/02/13 »
Every time I make a move (walk, enter a building etc) it has to completely reload the page and this takes about ten seconds. You can imagine how frustrating this can be if someone is waiting within the building and they take me out before I can even load the page. Is this happening for anyone else?

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