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Hell Rising / Ball Blam-Burglerber?
« on: 10:46:17 PM 04/29/17 »
Got killed with the following message while I was offline:

"A human gumsplodes on you with their Ball Blam-Burglerber for 13 damage to your neck. You die."

So what the heck is that? Didn't see anything about it with a search either here or on the wiki.

By the way, sorry for all the questions, but I'm new and I gots questions darn it all!

It seems that I've recently been unable to store items in my Backpack and Weapon Harness--not sure about Organ Cooler or Lazarix Case as I haven't had a chance to test them yet. Any thoughts on why? As far as I know, I haven't done much different lately so I am unsure why they are not working now. Any items that I take out, I can't put back in my packs either.

My current gear looks like this:

Guy Fawkes Mask
Lazarix Access Tag
Brass Knuckles
Wedding Ring
Filthy Underwear
Army Helmet
Neck Brace
Military Armor
Weapon Harness [1/8]
Backpack [6/10]
Organ Cooler [7/8]
Organ Cooler [0/8]
Lazarix Case [6/10]
X-Ray Specs
Engulfing Flames

Carrying: (19/20)
Burning Fire Axe
Walkie Talkie (3)
Saw (3)
Pair of Pliers (3)
Length of Pipe (5)
Wrench (4)
Molotov Cocktail (12)
Barbed Wire
Gas Can (4)
Assault Rifle [13]
Rifle Clip (5)
Length of Chain
Medkit (2)
Pistol [3]
Pistol [3]

Hell Rising / Hello all!
« on: 12:50:45 AM 04/10/17 »
Hello all, I'm new to the game and had a few general questions (and yes, I know there is a separate introduction thread, but I'm not simply introducing myself).

So, what's the state of the game? I see that there's few active players with a long time since any updates or official announcements, yet the mod/developer seems fairly active on here. Are you still supporting the game much, or mostly onto other projects at this point?

Looking between the wiki and some posts (granted, I haven't read everything), it seems like there's still quite an air of mystery for information (crafting recipes, for example). What's the deal--still trying to keep the remaining players somewhat engaged? I ask, because I'm moderately interested in updating a few things, but want to know if there's even much point (no offense).

Anyway, I am interested in the game. Played similar ones way back in the day and find this nice from all the mobile games now days. Hope it keeps going on for a bit longer :)

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