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Hell Rising / Ideas and improvements
« on: 05:17:40 AM 01/03/15 »
A board to post ideas and improvements the community feels would help improve gameplay, make the game more polished, or simply "put more meat on it's bones" for the browser based game run by the admins of this site, "Hell Rising" Remember though, I am not, in any way, trying to force or pressure the admins into adding these to the game, they are just concepts and idea I feel would make the game better, I only encourage you to look through them, and if YOU think they are good enough, then by all means add them in, it is completely your decision, if you don't want to, I won't push the subject any further.
I already have a few idea and improvements for the game, they will be listed below.
-Make blood bags useable by zombies. Zombies crave flesh and blood alike, they will still drink blood from blood bags if they can, but perhaps they don't recieve as much HP from it as vampires do, due to their messy eating compared to the vampires more careful eating.
-Basic medical items should be useable by ZOMBIES AND VAMPIRES, such as bandages and medkits. Zombies have the intelligence to wield melee weapons and put on or remove clothing items, something as simple as wrapping cloth around their arm shouldn't be beyond their grasp. Maybe they will have to get the "intelligence" skill before they are able to do so, and even then, they won't be able to do it as easily as humans, and won't gain as much HP from it as humans will, vampires certainly are smart enough to use medkits.
-A new CLASS, the "Zombie Soldier", this class is the only zombie class that can still wield firearms, however he will be less accurate than a human, spawns with a pistol and one grenade, along with one MRE.
-Two new food items, the "MRE" (Meal Ready to Eat). A standard food ration distributed to survivors living in safezones and military personnel alike, but can also be occasionally be found in food BUILDINGS as well (resturaunts, supermarkets, ect.). The three types of soldiers (human, zombie, and vampire) have a moderate chance of dropping one of these, as well as human MANTIS soldiers. Heals 6-8 HP, can also be eaten by zombies, as the meals have meat in them. And, the "beef jerky". A packet of dried meat sticks, it just wouldn't be a proper apocalypse game without these would it? It heals 3-6 HP and has a moderate chance of being found in food buildings.
-A critical hit system possibly? It should be proportional to the amount of accuracy your weapon has, about 25% of it. For example, a weapon with 100% accuracy will have a 25% chance of scoring a critical hit. A weapon with 50% will have a 12.5% chance. A critical hit should deal double the standard amount of damage for the weapon you are using.
-NPC's of your faction should assist you in battle. Let's say you kill a human NPC as the "festering cadaver" class of zombie after making sure to bite him and infect him. But then a vampire arrives, you are weak from battle and have low AP as well, instead of being massacred, the human should rise up as a zombie and help you take down the vampire. Instead of dying, you now have a group of two zombie followers. It will give the "mob zombie"'s skill tree more usefulness, and helps re-create the "horde" tactic that all zombies seem to conform to in every zombie movie and game. NPC's should also be able to follow you if they are of your faction.
-It should not cost AP to attack. NPC's are allowed to attack when you attack, and when you are out of AP, giving them an unfair advantage over you.
-Zombies should also be able to consume hotdogs, burgers, and other food items that have meat in them, for the same amount humans get from them.
-Zombies should spawn with two peices of rotten meat and vampires should spawn with two blood bags, since most human classes spawn with canned vegetables.
-Your character should automatically defend himself when you are offline, it's just too annoying to come back when your character had full health and see that someone killed you while you had no way of fighting back. If something attacks you while you are offline your character should automatically fight back with his currently equipped weapon. It will greatly help to counteract people that look for offline players and kill them to troll.
-NPC's should miss sometimes when they attack you. Whenever an NPC attacks you, it seems to always hit you, whereas more than half the time player attacks miss their intended target. It's unfair and it's the reason NPC's are extremely hard to kill, even the low level wretches. My first kill as a zombie was a human wretch, he ALONE brought me down to about 30% of my health because alot of my attacks missed him whereas he sucessfully hit me every time he punched back.

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