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General Discussion / How Much Have I Missed?
« on: 05:29:31 AM 12/15/14 »
So here's my short little story
A year ago I discovered Creepypasta and didn't really like it at first because all I seemed to read was crap. Then, this last semester, I Googled "recommended creepypasta" and got to the Wikia suggested reading page... And there I got my first taste of Slime. The flavor?... Disney. Holy Crap, but Abandoned by Disney gave me chills. I got out of bed that night to get a drink... Before I would leave my bed, I had to get out my phone flashlight app, and then proceeded to turn on every light in the apartment so I could get my drink, and then reluctantly turned them all off as I slowly went back to bed. Something about turning my childhood dreams into revulsion kinda gets to me, I guess... I have since been on a CONSTANT horror kick, and have read almost all of the pastas in the suggested reading suggestion, and ALL of SlimeBeast's works that are linked there... And then I was sad because I had devoured all I could find from my favorite poster.
And then I got curious and clicked on his profile name, hoping he had other things I could read and well... Here I am... And I've realized that I'm waaaaay behind... So I'm wondering, just how long has this guy been writing? How much do  I have to catch up on or, more accurately... How long until I reach the end?

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