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or can my old one be moved over?

hello again everyone

This movie should not even exist.

I guess I should have paid more attention to the trailer, because I didn't know I was going to watch (yet again) another Blair Witch shaky-cam fiasco.

Apparently, the movie was shot by Michael J. Fox, sitting on Muhammad Ali's shoulders, on one of those 1920's strap exercise machines*, on top of those vibrating motel beds, during an earthquake. It was bad. They really didn't offer any reasonable reason why it's all first-person camera and assembled hodgepodge of shots from security cameras.

This movie has a longer set-up than any horror movie I think I've ever seen, and at the end of it, they haven't even established any characters, or even given any background or plot, just sort of set up a scene.


It's got a couple X-files-type scares that just turn out to be a dog, and that's really the best it gets. Oh, and the wife gets an Amniocentesis. Wow, that's sure scary. Predictable, ENTIRELY devoid of plot (really, there isn't anything other than "these haitians want to make the antichrist"), no explanation of why, how/anything.

This movie should have been somebody's college 10 minute short film.

*- Belt "massager":

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