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General Discussion / Chiildhood toys
« on: 04:47:22 AM 07/30/14 »
What toys did you get to play in your childhood? We had a snes and stuffed animals. Also a huge forest.

General Discussion / Illiterate?
« on: 04:42:55 AM 07/30/14 »
When was the last time you read a book? I should try to get back into reading.

General Discussion / Video Game Music
« on: 04:40:22 AM 07/30/14 »
Post your favorite songs from video games. I do like the music in Minecraft, Megaman and TF2.

General Discussion / Twilight Zone
« on: 04:37:01 AM 07/30/14 »
Do you guys like The twilight?
There was a marathon on syfy 4th of July and I only got to see 3 episodes and they pretty great.

General Discussion / Reading webcomics?
« on: 04:24:06 AM 07/30/14 »
Anyone been reading webcomics lately? I have been following a few, It hurts! by Globtula and Paranatural by Zack Morrison are some. Oh and Whomp! by Ronnie, Nedroid, Harpy gee, and the TF2 comic that updates "monthly". If you like the game I recommend you read the comic.

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