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Hell Rising / Re: Suggestions
« on: 11:33:58 PM 10/22/16 »
I think corpses with descriptions (or names from what they were) should be implemented, along with how they died.

When I hear gunfire, and I check the block, I see a corpse. Just, a corpse with no distinguishable features. I try to think of whether it was a human player with a gun shooting or if it was a vampire or zombie attacking a Mantis Grunt or Scout, but ultimately, I never know.

So, I propose a new feature: The ability to "checK" corpses.

This ability could be exclusive to humans or not, I don't really care. Though leaving it to humans would probably be easier.

Two skills would be implemented, one that is passive, and another that allows you to "checK" a corpse for their cause of death, at the cost of 1 AP.

Recognition - You can tell which race or faction a corpse belongs to. (Faction being Mantis.)

With this skill, you can see a corpse and recognize that it was a Bloater, a Construction Worker, Lazarix Researcher, Mantis Grunt, a Human player or Vampire player and so on and so forth. It is passive and doesn't require AP to use.

There is 1 corpse here. They seem to have been a Mantis Security Grunt.

There are 2 corpses here. One seems to have been a Necronid. One seems to have been a human wretch.

There is 1 corpse here. The body is vampiric, but you can't recognize who it belongs to. (When it is a player you don't recognize)

There is 1 corpse here. The body is zombified, and you recognize that it belongs to ________ (When it is a player you do recognize.)

Another skill can be acquired after getting Recognition. "Investigate." This allows you to check for the cause of death of the corpse.

Investigate - Allows you to investigate corpses to determine the cause of death.

A few examples of this could be

- You examine the Mantis corpse, and notice bite marks on their neck. This seems to have been their cause of death. (Vampire would be assumed)

- You examine the corpse of Louis (a player); you find an old bite mark on their body. They seem to have died to an infection. (Zombie infection assumed, due to the bite being old.)

- You examine the corpse of a Zombie Wretch, and find burnt skin across their body. Fire seems to have been their cause of death. (Died to Burning)

This skill allows humans to know if a vampire or zombie could  be around their general area.

I'd be willing to write the sentences and shit for the Investigation and Recognition for in game use and in more detail, I like to write anyway.

Hell Rising / Re: Halloween event ideas
« on: 12:08:46 AM 10/16/16 »
For April Fools

Something people continually do: mistaking Frankenstein (The Creator) with Frankenstein's Monster.

I recommend spawn points be Churches and Mansions.

We already get candy from Trick or Treaters...

Why not all four Horsemen?

Horseman of Death can drop a Sickle
Horseman of War can drop a Claymore (Sword)
Horseman of Pestilence can drop a Crown and/or Bow
Horseman of Famine can drop a Scale

This forum is way too different from the ones I use.. But...

Werewolves Reply - Werewolves should be in regardless.

Gargoyles Reply - Sure, but in-game they are on buildings.

Candy reply- Well.. It's not as... Authentic? Is that the word I'm looking for? We should be able to get our own candy, not steal from evil undead beings.. That's rude.

Horsemen reply - Agreed. Why not?

Hell Rising / Re: Halloween event ideas
« on: 03:09:22 PM 10/15/16 »
-Witches with broomsticks. Inflict infected with a pot of... Their mixture. Brooms drop from them as weapons!

-Werewolves, already been done though?

- Frankenstein as a possible boss!

- Gargoyles, they spawn from atop of buildings down to the ground when a player is on it during a reset, and they are already in suicide descriptions in-game!

-Pumpkins outside a building, filled with candy. Option to "take candy." for 1 AP.

- Spooky Ghosts, come on now.. Residents of Serling can have themselves be in the "emote" for when a player is on the same block as them during a reset. Their aggression should be randomized, because they have different motives. One may want revenge on vampires because he was slain by them, another may attack everyone due to insanity. Another may not be even hostile while provoked.

Vamp: []

Zombie: {}

Human: ()

Regular text is everyone. These texts will not be guaranteed because they have different motives for each race.

Ex: A Ghost Of Serling looks at you with tears dripping down her white eyes. "Why us? Why me?" - Not hostile.

A Ghost of Serling looks at you with tears dripping down her white eyes. "Why us? Why me?" [ She suddenly turns to you. "Damn you.. And your race!" She lets loose a shrieking cry.]

^You can assume that this one is aggressive towards vampires.

A Ghost Of Serling turns to face you. He greets you. "Good day." - Not hostile.

A Ghost of Serling looks at you with red, blazing eyes. He/She yells "Another! Another! Another!" - Hostile to everyone.

etc etc.

- Mummy that drops a clothing item. Comes out of museum.

- 4th Horseman boss! (Is that even the right one?)

Hell Rising / Re: Alts
« on: 02:22:24 PM 10/15/16 »
One alt abuser leaves, another comes in to take their place. Here comes Nox!

At least The Nothing wasn't really ruining the game with his alts... Nox is just tearing it down, especially for me.

Hell Rising / Re: Bug Reports
« on: 02:57:04 AM 09/01/16 »
[27.0] GHOST 9o5: ! The barricade cannot be reinforced further. (3 times)
[27.0] GHOST 9o5: The building appears usable, and seems to be unbarricaded.
[27.0] GHOST 9o5: You are currently inside Picker Joe's Junkyard. (506, 491)

y tho

Hell Rising / Re: Bug Reports
« on: 02:24:56 PM 08/31/16 »
You terrorize a Mantis Security Grunt with your Skullbanger for 1 damage to the arm, inflicting Terrified.
You terrorize a Mantis Security Grunt with your Skullbanger for 5 damage to the chest, inflicting Terrified.
You try to terrorize a Mantis Security Grunt with your Skullbanger but miss. (2 times)
You terrorize a Mantis Security Grunt with your Skullbanger for 6 damage to the chest, inflicting Dazed.
You try to terrorize a Mantis Security Grunt with your Skullbanger but miss. (2 times)
You terrorize a Mantis Security Grunt with your Skullbanger for 1 damage to the leg.
You terrorize a Mantis Security Grunt with your Skullbanger for 5 damage to the chest.

You sure? Seems to be working to me.

Hell Rising / Re: Suggestions
« on: 03:00:36 PM 08/17/16 »
Perhaps there is only one such building enabling tier 3(?) crafting recipes and it's in the open. Somewhere where humans would have to  risk quite abit to get in and out and have the crafting done.

I still don't think the risk would be that great.  If it's still a building, then it can be barricaded and hidden in.

Regardless, it's still a cool idea, and would be good hunting grounds for us, if you know what I mean.

Hell Rising / Re: Suggestions
« on: 02:19:01 AM 08/17/16 »
How opposed would you be to the idea of crafting stations in certain buildings that enable crafting of specific items like batteries for NVGs. It would add more strategic locations that humans can try to control or undead/human killers could camp for kills.

I wouldn't oppose it at all, but I do think that vampires and zombies camping it may not happen. It's easy to get in and get out quickly. Specific crafting places don't hold danger because of what can be crafted, they are dangerous just as any other location could be.

Hell Rising / Re: Suggestions
« on: 01:58:59 AM 08/17/16 »
There aren't any more of the ones that fit in the goggles.


Night vision goggles would be useful when the power is put off. I know that's what generators are for, but still, I never really stay in one spot for too long.

NVGs should negate the side effects of darkness when charged and put on, but give the same penalties as darkness does when the lights are put on or you are in daylight. That'd be cool.

Hell Rising / Re: Suggestions
« on: 09:55:25 PM 08/16/16 »
They ran out of batteries.

Can't tell if serious or not.

I'm going to check just incase if serious.

Hell Rising / Re: Suggestions
« on: 04:55:47 PM 08/16/16 »
Do night vision goggles do anything?

Hell Rising / Re: We should be able to... (Human suggestion)
« on: 03:15:39 AM 08/04/16 »
Too late.

Hell Rising / Re: We should be able to... (Human suggestion)
« on: 07:10:41 PM 08/01/16 »
Oh Jesus this is wonderful. Thanks devs + dude who posted this <3

Wait, it's been implemented?

Praise be to Mammon and Slimebeast. I thought it would've taken a while for them to see, so I dropped my injector. Was a good idea for about 1 live fight lol now I have to find another.

Hell Rising / We should be able to... (Human suggestion)
« on: 02:28:32 AM 07/31/16 »
Store our injectors into our backpacks. Or Lazarix Cases. Whichever.

With spam attacks kind of being the norm around here in live fights, it can be pretty easy to accidentally revive someone that you don't want to revive. Especially if they were already human.

I've known plenty of other users that have done it on accident, just as I have. It frustrates them just as it frustrates me.

Those who don't carry injectors or are undead can spam attacks all they want without worrying they'll bring life into the being they wanted to make undead. It puts people who carry injectors at a disadvantage if they don't want to revive what they just killed.

So? Is it a go or no go? I believe it would help humans participate better in live fights.

Or just move the revive button.

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