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Hell Rising / Re: Possibke bug?
« on: 08:30:48 PM 01/11/18 »
If the kill count is high enough that it reached the maximum damage bonus then it wouldn't have made any visible difference.

Hell Rising / Re: Possibke bug?
« on: 08:38:04 PM 01/10/18 »
It's not a bug, it takes like 5 kills off the counter.

Hell Rising / Re: Crafting
« on: 03:24:06 PM 12/07/17 »
You have to find out how to craft your own.

Hell Rising / Re: Crafting
« on: 07:21:12 PM 12/04/17 »

Hell Rising / Re: Crafting
« on: 12:17:05 PM 11/29/17 »
Oh, it wouldn't take much effort for me, but Mo would have to go through a ton of tiles and NPCs to readjust the drop rates.

Hell Rising / Re: Crafting
« on: 08:17:04 PM 11/28/17 »
The item search / drop system in the game is terrible and needs to be reworked. But that would take way too much effort. :-\

The Slime Pit / Re: Where's the war?!
« on: 11:57:25 PM 11/24/17 »
Well, I did hear some not that great things about Silencio from Mo...

But yeah... I did look back at some logs from back then and I agree that I kind of acted like an asshole.
At least, even more than I am these days. :lookaround:

But, ah, to be young again... :'(

Hell Rising / Re: New player needing help
« on: 10:39:18 PM 11/24/17 »
Don't even pay attention to him, he's just a troll that's been spamming the game for a long time and is extremely butthurt that I finally did something about it.

There's zero chance that he even has any friends, given how much time he's spent trying to make everybody else on HR miserable.

The Slime Pit / Re: Where's the war?!
« on: 10:31:15 PM 11/24/17 »
First of all, I didn't make any personal square in SW. There was an adminland that Mo and I hung out in, though.
Second, I didn't "get the boot," I quit because I was tired of all the shit.

The whole reason I did the auto-gun thing in HR was because people kept killing me when I was trying to test things. There was no separate test server at the time and, while I admire the thought of Mo wanting the game to be free of cheating, it was pretty unlikely at the time since it was version 0.1b and probably had a ton of bugs that people could exploit. At the time my reasoning was that I could have a little base that I could chill in and try to test stuff with other people who wouldn't just outright kill me, but looking back it really was "cheating" like Mo said, since it wasn't just me but other members of HAVOC that could sit in the fort.

I do admit that the separate base for HAVOC that was off the map was a horrible idea, which happened in part due to people getting mad about the fort's guns and me still wanting another way to test some things while being unmolested, and me wanting to help out my "girlfriend's" group. But what can I say, you do stupid stuff for girls sometimes that you regret later.

I only quit because after that people started accusing me of doing all sorts of things that I had no part in, like deleting their characters on SW and HR, which if it actually happened, was a bug that should have been reported instead of accusing me of doing it maliciously. So yeah, I quit, since I never wanted to do HR in the first place because Mo's whole idea was simply to take SW and clone Urban Dead, BUT WAIT, with one more race to play. Just seemed stupid to me.

If I had been a douche I would have demanded that Mo either pay me or shut down SW and HR after I left. Hell, he even offered to pay, but... well, I felt bad about it, and honestly I just wanted to have nothing to do with it anymore.

But hey, at least both games seemed to thrive for quite a bit afterward with different programmers.

And then I came back much later and updated HR a lot and now nobody plays except alts and trolls! Yay. D:

Also jesus fucking christ that was almost 11 years ago. :bleed:

The Slime Pit / Re: Where's the war?!
« on: 07:48:15 PM 11/22/17 »
You're 14, you barely even existed back then.

The Slime Pit / Re: Where's the war?!
« on: 12:07:17 AM 11/17/17 »
And I don't know any of you.

Hell Rising / Re: New player needing help
« on: 02:18:31 PM 11/11/17 »
There's no way I'd ever help someone with a username like that.

Hell Rising / Re: Hell Rising Discord
« on: 07:05:00 PM 09/17/17 »
THREE Discords? I thought the game was dead.

Hell Rising / Re: Suggestions
« on: 10:11:04 PM 08/05/17 »
I'm never working on this damn game again.

Hell Rising / Re: Suggestions
« on: 03:01:31 PM 07/27/17 »
In the upcoming VR re-release there won't be hit %s because you'll have to hit things with your own aim.

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