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Hell Rising / Re: Werewolf NPC
« on: 08:41:19 PM 04/01/16 »
I don't know what to believe anymore ;-;

Well given how it's still April Fools somewhere in this world....I'm gonna take a decent guess and say Mammon is trolling you again. Best give up and let the dream...............die. :(

Hell Rising / Re: Werewolf NPC
« on: 08:26:38 PM 04/01/16 »

GOD DAMMIT! I was hoping some part of it was real. At the very least.......Slimebeast and Mammon might get inspired by the werewolf skills shown in that prank? (slightly has hopes up.)

Hell Rising / Re: Werewolf NPC
« on: 07:23:49 PM 04/01/16 »
I'm not sure if this is a elaborate prank or the secret testing of the fourth class. XD

Hell Rising / Re: What the hell does this make?
« on: 06:23:36 PM 03/24/16 »

Hell Rising / Re: What the hell does this make?
« on: 03:17:15 PM 03/24/16 »
Accuracy has always been random numbers. I just wait for people to rise up and shout "can u raise dis by 5".

Speaking of now a good time to talk about buffing the flamethrower's accuracy and making it craftable? :3

Hell Rising / Re: What the hell does this make?
« on: 12:13:39 PM 03/24/16 »
You may find out that most crafting isn't worth it in the end.

You're absolutely right, I can't hit anything with it. :(

Hell Rising / Re: What the hell does this make?
« on: 02:56:43 AM 03/24/16 »
Lol you used your mammon token for the day or week or month  :P

 • ??? - 4 AP, a Grenade, ? Gobs of Slime, some Trash

Despite that, thanks to Mammon and Slimebeast's subtle hints........I HAVE FOUND THE SECRET INGREDIENT TO THE KRABBY PATTY FORMULA! I mean.....this crafting recipe......

EDIT: I have made the grenade! It's called a Trashbang and it requires about 4 Gobs of Slime, 1 Trash and a Nade to make. I'm planning on testing it with Live Subjects later on in the day.

Hell Rising / Re: What the hell does this make?
« on: 09:25:04 PM 03/23/16 »
I'll give you a hint:

It can drop off of an NPC.

Is the NPC still around today?

Hell Rising / Re: What the hell does this make?
« on: 09:15:08 PM 03/23/16 »
Yes, I can tell you.

But I won't.

You sure do love watching people try to figure out what the hell should be added with Trash and a Grenade. :P

also damm admin trolls. :(

Hell Rising / Re: What the hell does this make?
« on: 09:11:43 PM 03/23/16 »
Even the Slimebeast does not remember everything the Slimebeast does.


Can you at least tell me if this makes the Grenade Launcher or not? :P

Hell Rising / Re: What the hell does this make?
« on: 08:06:43 PM 03/23/16 »
Tried Rotten Meat....doesn't work, Maybe Vile Serum?

Hell Rising / What the hell does this make?
« on: 07:28:06 PM 03/23/16 »
 • ??? - 4 AP, a Grenade, some Trash, ???

SERIOUSLY I've been shifting through a lot of items and none of them go with the third ingredient and I'm just dying to know what this makes.

If anyone knows what this makes. PLZ gib info plz thank.

Hell Rising / Re: Flamethrower
« on: 10:21:10 AM 03/22/16 »
Game's abandoned. Sorry dudes. :'(

Plz give the change! We did the ritual and everything to summon you! D: PLZZZZZZZ!

Hell Rising / Re: Flamethrower
« on: 05:45:06 PM 03/21/16 »
Make Flamethrower use the Assault Weapons tree plz.

Also make grenades retrievable from the Fort Armory as rare drops cuz you'd think a military fort would have these since the soldiers carry grenades all the time right? :P

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