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Slimy Stories / Re: Blue is for Boys
« on: 10:36:00 AM 12/31/16 »
but what was in the blue presents?

Slimy Stories / Re: Blue is for Boys
« on: 10:35:45 AM 12/31/16 »
creepy ending yo good job

General Discussion / Re: My Key
« on: 10:33:06 AM 12/31/16 »
ooh damn that's pretty good

Slimy Stories / Re: Mr. Slaughterface
« on: 10:04:54 AM 08/17/15 »

Slimy Stories / Re: Completely Normal Eric
« on: 09:59:50 AM 08/17/15 »
ireally intresting but i cant understand the ending? is he isane, or? idk lol

Slimy Stories / Re: OFM
« on: 09:23:02 AM 08/17/15 »
wow, just wow, this is an amazing pasta! the ending was a little bit confusing, did the OFM actually kill him or did he just have photos of him mauling him and stuff? another great one slime :D

Slimy Stories / Re: A Painting of a Clown
« on: 11:43:45 AM 08/16/15 »
pretty good, but so are most of yours so yeah lol

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