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Slimy Stories / Re: Abandoned by Disney
« on: 02:17:05 PM 06/19/14 »
This place.. Im more curious than scared. Me and a couple friends are actually planning a trip to this place. Its kinda like its calling to me. I want to shed some light on the fake from real and expierece whatever is going on here. Please email me and send me some info on this or alteast point me in a direction that is useful. I cant find anywhere that has the location. All i can find is that its somewhere in the bahamas. My email is mdonnelly45@gmail.com
Thanks - mike

You can't find it because it's fictional. He established that in the FAQ. It's inspired by actual abandoned theme parks, particular Disney's abandoned island resort, but he made one up to set his fictional story in. This is in his FAQ.

Slimy Stories / Re: The Woods Are Black
« on: 09:08:02 AM 06/07/14 »
Well, I presume they're named after the type of arachnid (not actually a spider) which they resemble, not because they necessarily "harvest", so you may be off-base as to what precisely it is they're doing, beyond that it does seem to involve luring people into the woods and their resultant disappearance.

I also admit I may have jumped on this project too soon, and may need to read/reread some of the books/systems I might want to convert material to.

... Sorry for the lack of activity on this front. I first got sick, then had a massively stressful pile of stuff fall on me, so I haven't been able to work on this like I planned just yet.

Okay, since I got permission from Slimebeast twice over, I'm gonna go ahead and work on making material for some RPGs inspired by or converted from his stories. This is where I'll discuss what I'm doing, try to get input from other fans, post my progress and results, and anyone else who wants to try some of this stuff out can do so.

Stage one: Planning and implementation.

Gonna wanna reread Slimebeast's stories -- particularly the ones I already flagged as potential RPG inspiration, take notes, target some good things to work from, and so on. Still, there are a few things I have in mind already.

Oad: He's perfect. Intriguing, versatile, a lot of room to fill in details as I or anyone else who uses him wants but still enough concrete information to provide a basis. As written by Slimebeast, he's so closely tied to children that he'd fit best in Monsters & Other Childish Things or Little Fears: Nightmare Edition, but with some tweaking, he could even work as a more adult-oriented monster for something like Cryptworld.

There's one small problem: He doesn't seem to have any real weaknesses. This is fine for a horror story where he's the implacable, unstoppable antagonist, but in an RPG where the players need to have a chance to be able to defeat him, even temporarily, it's a bigger issue. It's an even bigger issue for Little Fears: Nightmare Edition, where a monster has to have some sort of inherent weakness or limitation as part of its stat block, in form of "It can't" -- it can't leave the house where it died, it can't enter a house uninvited, it can't come closer than 9 yards to a cat, whatever.

Mr. Stranger Danger: I love this little guy to bits... which is why it hurts so much I'm facing so many problems when trying to actually use him for something. Without drastic overhauls, I can't see him working in any game I'm familiar with except Little Fears: Nightmare Edition (He's just not on the level of the giant snakes, forgotten gods, ancient creatures, and cosmic horrors which populate Monsters & Other Childish Things -- he'd end up a gag character who appears just to get stomped flat because he severely underestimated what he was dealing with, which I feel does him a serious disservice. Plus, it already has a "Creepy, sinister PSA character who visits your school and doesn't seem quite right" -- in this case, based on McGruff the Crime Dog) which already has a monster that's an anthropomorphic personification of the concept of "Stranger Danger," so you'd need to work to make sure he wasn't redundant. He's also such a narrow monster, really only suitable for a handful of scenarios, and I'd prefer something a little more versatile, but I'm not sure where to make changes without getting rid of his charm. On the plus side, his story suggests a very obvious weakness: "It can't take children who win its game." (The story heavily implies it was manipulating things to stack results in its favor, but it's still something to work from.)

Slimy Stories / Re: Bonus Room
« on: 03:17:26 PM 04/28/14 »
Near as I can interpret, they created a game that's supposed to allow them to (mind) control people... but in the vast majority of people, it has catastrophic side effects that render it useless. The protagonist is one of the few people -- possibly the only one they've discovered -- it actually works on as intended.

Slimy Stories / Re: Attract Mode
« on: 03:14:22 PM 04/28/14 »
I love this story. It's well done, interesting, and generally lovely. Unfortunately, I'm not nearly as fond of the sequels -- they rely too much on the tired "Video game(s) that make you evil" cliche, and (cover for Attract Mode 3 spoilers) [spoiler]although the final image of Oad in the last one is great, it's horribly anticlimactic that he just flies off into the night sky and is never heard from again.[/spoiler]

... If I'd know about this at the time, I might've supported... but January was also a tight month for me, so... I dunno. Still wish I could've at least promoted it, but I didn't discover you until recently.

Slimy Stories / Re: Call Me Buzz
« on: 12:36:14 PM 04/28/14 »
If Buzz is such a respectable exterminator, why won't he let the narrator out of the house? Is it custom in this universe to murder people whose houses are infested?

I know I'm late to the party here, but I felt like I needed to answer this one. Buzz tells the protagonist to "stop breathing the gas" as if this is a perfectly sensible request. The sort of people Buzz is used to dealing with may well be able to stop breathing without harm, or to filter out pesticide when they breathe if they choose to. Even if they can't, fumigating the person as well as the house seems to be genuinely necessary in this universe -- the bugs start trying to hide inside him to escape the pesticide.

I'd like permission to use some of your stories or elements thereof as basis for scenarios/whatever in Tabletop RPGs. I've seen a few in particular I'd love to adapt to Little Fears: Nightmare Edition or Monsters and Other Childish Things if I can ever figure out how to do so or work up the courage to.

EDIT: Changed the title to be less vague.

The Shitty Stories / Re: EXE.EXE
« on: 01:54:20 AM 04/28/14 »
... I admit I don't get it. It's not up to your usual standards, has a few glaring problems (first letting them "fill in" what the pornography was, then outright saying it later, when it would have made more sense to say it in the first place or leave it vague throughout), and is kinda cliche... but it doesn't seem like there's a "joke" per se. It seems like a flawed-but-decent-ish pasta.

Slimy Stories / Re: Child Three
« on: 05:37:19 PM 04/26/14 »
This story reminds me of Monsters & Other Childish Things in the best possible way. The concept of monsters or similar that genuinely love children and want what's best for them, but are still monsters and don't understand that murdering the school bully's ancestors so he's never born or eating someone's abusive parents isn't actually considered socially acceptable problem resolution is a concept very dear to my heart.

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