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General Discussion / Re: The Photo Album
« on: 04:07:53 PM 12/01/13 »
 ;D oh i didnt even think about that and thats where my mind usually goes first, ha

General Discussion / Re: The Photo Album
« on: 03:27:25 PM 12/01/13 »
haha yes! But I gots me a leopard print rug thats pretty good :)

General Discussion / Re: The Photo Album
« on: 03:12:42 PM 12/01/13 »
thanks, I was at my friends house, Ilove those curtains too.

omg, I want these. I never saw these :(  Jeez Im addicted to gumball toys, its kind of an addiction. Ive really loved the bok choy boys and squishland toys, if it looks cute/and or evil I must have it. Recently I did win a "Zombie High Cheerleader" from a plush machine. I guess it was a whole series of zombie highschoolers, but I couldnt get any of the others but her

note:there is a scary red warning at the top of this page and if it was bad of me to post on here I am sorry

General Discussion / Re: The Photo Album
« on: 02:14:25 PM 12/01/13 »
haha me.... be nice, im new here  :)
God why u so huge face?!!

General Discussion / Re: The Photo Album
« on: 02:10:27 PM 12/01/13 »

General Discussion / Re: Introduce yourself
« on: 01:57:32 PM 12/01/13 »
hello all, my name is Angie, Ive just used the name devillalee for a long time on forums/games etc..
I love horror/weird short stories, weird and bad movies(especially from the 70's,movies were so weird in the 70's,right??) , I like to try to attempt art with watercolors, pastel etc. and blah blahblah thats me.....

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