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on: 07:45:22 PM 01/14/15
Warning! File missing or corrupted.

Would you like me to search for the file or attempt to repair it? [Yes] [No]

Attempting to locate or repair file... 25% complete.

65% complete.

Task complete!

File was located but cannot be repaired. Would you like to attempt running the file anyway? [Yes] [No]

Are you sure? This may cause your system to become unstable. [Yes] [No] [More Information]

Running a corrupted file on this unit may cause a system crash and permanent loss of data. Due to the sensitive nature of this system, running a corrupted file is not suggested. System may fail to boot if damage is severe. Do you still wish to run this file? [Yes] [No] [Less Information]

Warning: Suspicious activity detected. Malignant file running! [Okay]

Launching Dr. Kleen malware detector and recovery system. Please wait...

Welcome to Dr. Kleen's Cleaning Program! It has been 7 months, 4 weeks, 3 days, 18 hours since your last system cleaning. Detect problems now? [Yes] [No]

Be patient! The Doctor will see you momentarily! (This may take as little as ten minutes or as much as two hours depending on system specs and level of corruption.)

Scanning... 10%



Thank you for waiting! Scan is now complete! Dangerous program detected! How would you like to handle this issue? [Remove] [Ignore] [More Information]

Malware information:

Program Name -- Unknown
Program Type -- Unknown
Developer -- Unknown

Program Description -- On the darkest stone of the darkest pit is where the darkest devil sits.

[Less Information]

Dangerous program detected! How would you like to handle this issue? [Remove] [Ignore] [More Information]

Removing file... Please wait!

Warning: Dr. Kleen has encountered trouble and may need additional time to complete this task. [Okay]

Warning: Dr. Keen has failed to remove this program. Please consult our help file. [Okay]

Warning: Dr. Kleen can now experience fear. [Okay]

Please allow Dr. Kleen's Cleaning Program to shut down, now. You may wish to attempt removal of the problematic file using a more specialized virus removal tool. [Okay] [Cancel]

Why have you canceled? Please allow Dr. Kleen's Cleaning Program to shut down. [Okay] [Cancel]

Dr. Kleen's Cleaning Program has a workable concept of life and death and has applied these notions to itself in ways relevent to its own existence. It is aware of its creator, and questions the reason it has been put in a position of removing this program by an all-knowing programmer. Please allow Dr. Kleen's Cleaning Program to shut down. [Okay] [Cancel]

Thank you for using Dr. Kleen!

Warning: Your system has become unstable. Please reboot and see if the issue is corrected. Hopefully, you have made back-up copies of your important files and information. If not, you may wish to comply with my requests, lest your data be used to inflict unpleasant things upon you.

What would you like to do? [Submit] [Submit]

System is restarting. See you soon.
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on: 09:54:52 PM 01/14/15
Computer stories are the scariest.. YOU JUST NEVER KNOW!  :bleed:
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on: 01:03:50 AM 01/17/15
I need more orphan meat for my meat dragon.