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Title: Swollen
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The swelling started in July. It started with slight discoloration... purple and red... and continued until the problem became too large to ignore.

It seems to happen randomly, to random people. At first, people blamed ticks, mosquitoes, basically anything known to bite warm flesh. However, that theory fell apart once people started isolating themselves in special "safety shelters" to guard against the pests. The swelling still got to them.

Personally, I really only knew one of the swollen. I say I "knew" him, but it was only in passing of course. He worked the register at the local Food Lion, and I always went to his lane, even if the others were less crowded. He knew how to pack a bag without crushing eggs and mangling bread beyond all recognition.

I noticed the discoloration on his hand. This was way before things had gotten out of control. I asked him what had happened, mostly out of politeness, and he said he had no idea.

Next time I saw him, the hand was leading him down College Avenue... titanic... bloated... growing eyes and teeth of its own. He screamed as the hand crushed and butchered anyone too slow to get away, and he continued screaming as he was gunned down by Police.

I say the hand was titanic, and I mean exactly that. It was taller and stronger than he was... stronger and taller than most men, actually.

A woman across the country had the same experience, but with a leg that became a serpentine, gangrenous abomination. In the following footage, you could see bones protruding as it weaved its way over a road block and started eating the National Guardsmen firing wildly at it.

She screamed, too.

Now the stories are too numerous to keep track of. Reporters rely on numbers instead of details, now. Five dead in three swellings. Fifteen dead in eight swellings. Thirty seven dead in two multi-swellings. See you tomorrow with the latest updates.

Everyone seemed to have an unspoken agreement to never discuss the breasts, the genitals, and so on.

I became a bit obsessive, as you might imagine. I kept a pocket mirror with me and checked all over my body for any sign of the initial discoloration. That same scrutiny was applied to everyone I met, even if it was just a short elevator ride or a depressing conversation over newly purchased supplies. Bottled water, canned food, anything that would allow me to stay indoors and not attract attention from anyone who had swelled or began swelling.

Luckily, it seemed to grow easier as time wore on. For the Government, I mean. All you had to do was look at the stretched, blistering, lipstick red flesh of the swollen parts and you could tell they were ready to burst. Applying just the right attacks to the most strained areas proved highly beneficial in the long run.

I started to think that the worst was behind us, and that, by proxy, the worst was behind me as well.

I checked myself over just as fervently as I always had, however, careful to never let my guard down. I figured that if the time came and I spotted a mark on my finger... my knee... anywhere... I could muster the strength and bravery to simply volunteer for amputation. It would be selfish and irrational to do otherwise, and there had been plenty of victims who paid for their hesitation.

Then, one dark evening around midnight, a thought occurred to me.

A horrible, gut-wrenching thought.

Grabbing a flashlight and my trust mirror, I sat on the edge of the bed and inspected my one feature that had slipped my mind until that point.

It was just as I'd feared.

There, in the mirror, a set of purple-hued irises stared back at me. Of all the looking I had done, it was never into my own eyes.
Title: Re: Swollen
Post by: Meaty Okra Tea on 11:35:33 PM 05/07/15
I don't get it. I don't even know if I'm supposed to get it. What part of the narrator was swelling?  ???
Title: Re: Swollen
Post by: Slimebeast on 12:19:40 AM 05/08/15
Eyes. He was careful to look himself over obsessively, but never looked directly into his own eyes.
Title: Re: Swollen
Post by: squareArm on 09:14:59 PM 05/13/15
short and sweet, Slimebeast never disappoints.  :hurr:
Title: Re: Swollen
Post by: MisterMonkey on 12:13:42 PM 05/29/15
This story was very creative in a sort of surreal way. I mean, I can't say I've read many stories about man-eating bruises.

In other words, it's good.