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Author Topic: Room Zero  (Read 42852 times)

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on: 05:57:51 PM 09/12/13

Miss Magenta

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on: 09:00:49 PM 09/17/13
OH MY GOSH! These Disney stories are just incredible! The fact that they are written so wonderfully and are very original (while playing off the actual abandoned area of Disney and its rumors) just makes it so much better! :D I'd love to write a fanfiction on this, when I get the chance. AAAH, this is so awesome!


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on: 04:24:59 PM 09/18/13
Beautiful follow-up to Abandoned by Disney.  I love how you use actual true pieces of history, like the gas masks and the underground tunnels (a friend who worked at Disney confirmed this to me) to make the story more plausible.
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on: 06:05:11 PM 09/27/13
Wow... this was just... creepy! I mean SERIOUSLY! The thing that creeps me out the most is, this is ACTUALLY real! I really agree about the "make more" comment. But no rush, its a really good, creepy, disturbing story and deserves the praise!
One question: If the story is real, are the gascots real?

Rating: 94/100

Deva Ashera

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on: 08:16:42 AM 10/31/13
Want to know what add further creepiness to this story?
Disney actually DID make Mascot Gas least for Mickey Mouse.


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on: 12:49:48 PM 01/08/14
This series should be made into a movie!

Joey Sands

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on: 10:46:27 PM 03/15/14
This is my favorite thing ever in the history of forever. Slime Beast you have a masterpiece on your hands. Please do the right thing and give it a scary ending that explains how and why everything is happening the way it is. I have the upmost faith in your capability to end this series right. Thank you for this incredible story.

David Brady

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on: 07:56:51 PM 03/26/14
Just for future reference if you write any more stories concaerning this, it's Club 33 not Club 22.


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on: 08:55:44 PM 03/26/14
Or is it? XD
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