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on: 03:41:24 PM 07/09/16
Robin Hood

Something's rotten in Nottingham,
a thug who's here to bother,

the bandit-king brigand old
enough to be his father.

An uncouth youth whose
tongue will cease wagging,

when I drop a head shot,
and get to tea bagging.

You're simply not fit
to battle wits with a Brit.

I'm the bear in these woods,
and I'm about to take a shit,

on a fence-sitting fool and
a huge hypocrite,

who rubs elbows with moguls
any time he sees fit!

You live a double-life,
I gave up all my riches.

Leave now or get stitches
in the seat of your britches.


What is it with white men
and the love of green paper?

Here, pick up this quarter,
while I whip out my rapier!

I asked your Merry Men, if
they'd betray you if they could.

Just throw in a little cash, and
I'm "Sher" that they "Wood".

Because I've seen Little John,
your fat friend Friar Tuck.

Your Lost Boys are losers,
leaving you out of luck.

You're wasting your time
chasing baubles and stones,

Marryin' a Maid while I
boned Zeta-Jones!

Take your pageboy hair,
your Tinkerbell dress,

and #Brexit this battle
before EU make a mess.

Robin Hood:

I thought you'd have brains,
since you're lacking the brawn.

That's the drek I'd expect
from the likes Prince John.

Like the string of my bow,
your chances are narrow.

I'll split your dick in half
with a single arrow.

You're skilled with a sword,
but your sight must be lacking.

Half of the time, it's a
wall you're attacking!

Your North American graffiti
is quite out of order.

Carve all of those 'Z's
on your side of the border.

Your raps are a crime,
I'll serve you up on a platter.

Turn you in, to the Sheriff.
Whack Lines Matter.


You won't last long with
that price on your head.

When you run out of arrows,
Hood's as good as dead.

What kind of a mark will you
leave when you're gone?

Will you be as well-loved
the dueling Don Juan?

Stop stealing from the rich,
and giving to the poor.

it's only more cash
that they'll be taxed for.

Though you generate hate
for the upper classes...

Why not join my cause
and side-kick their asses?

You're as green as your tights,
I'm smooth in black satin.

Goddamn it Robin,
I'm the Latin Batman.
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