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on: 01:27:54 AM 03/11/15

Oh no, there
goes Tokyo!

Squashed flat,
by my pinkie toe!

This spitting lizard,
keeps an audience captive,

with rhymes so hot,
you'll keep your radio active!

So come on, George,
I know that you're curious.

Test the Toho terror,
making mankind furious!

King Kong:

I'm no stranger to danger,
fools tried and I stomped 'em!

I'm not troubled by some
green ribbed rubber condom.

You're a man in a suit,
and you're ugly to boot,

like a Thanksgiving float
that got bred with a Newt.

You wanna keep going?
I'll go ape-shit all day.

Barf beams all you want,
I'll make you my Faye-ray.


I'm about to drop a nuke,
on this soft, silly hairball,

who fell to his doom, like
a Three Stooges pratfall.

I'll take you back to New York,
bury you in the Holland Tunnel,

If you think you're beating me,
then I must be a Monkey's Uncle.

Mighty Joe Young's rap style,
is feeling Mighty Fuckin' Old.

You got captured like a bitch,
and I can't be controlled!

You sad zoo attraction,
I'll leave your ass in traction,

I got my satisfaction, now
you need to stop-action!

King Kong:

I got caught, it's true,
but I broke out the chains.

Got the strength to bash out
your reptilian brains!

Peel you like a Banana,
find the actor inside,

chase you all over Asia,
'cuz there's nowhere to hide.

Mash all your monster pals,
put an end to their species.

Fling shit 'til I cover
your whole family in feces!

You can't out-rhyme this primate,
battle me, and that's a crime.

Now go back to hibernating,
I got rap charts to climb.
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on: 11:56:39 AM 03/11/15
I am entranced by these rap battles.  I'm not exactly sure what that says for the state of, ya know... my brain, and stuff?  But I'm glad they're here!
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