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on: 12:01:33 AM 04/29/20

The name is Pavlov, punk. Does it ring a bell?

The canine commander of taste, sound, and smell.

I make bitches drool when I ting-a-ling my ding-a-ling.

Got more brutal bite than all the bark you can bring.

So don't step to me, or you're bound to get bitten.

Now go climb a tree, you hissy-fit'n kitten.


The internet was built to be a scientific fixture.

But open your eyes, Ivan... It's full of cat pictures!

Dog memes are dead, now. Such sad, much wow.

Kitties litter Reddit, they're a killer karma cash-cow!

I'm a feral feline physicist who no foe outfoxes.

I'll bury you, I'm used to putting pussies in boxes!


Have you been eating cat food, or is that halitosis?

Your spitting here is worse than when you had tuberculosis!

I'm big on animal testing, and studying digesting,

but I find what's infesting your intestines distressing!

You said that life and death are both unknown until observed,

but a poisoner dying of illness? I know that's deserved.

You're German, so I'll put this in terms you can define.

You had nine lives... Now you have Nein.


You died of double pneumonia, so that's a little unfair.

A student sat by your bed, because no one else cared!

You took money from Stalin, and look where that led you.

Didn't like the commies, so you bit the hand that fed you.

You wrote them nasty letters, and they couldn't have been ruder,

but you grabbed the cash, and that still makes you a colluder!

So dice up all your dogs, and massacre your mutts,

but mess with kitty, get the claws. Death by a thousand cuts.
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