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on: 06:45:16 PM 05/29/16
Harriet Tubman

Watch out, here comes
the Freedom Train.

Running down racists and
plowing through chains.

Bringing salvation to a nation
through migration 'cross terrain.

An emancipation campaign
way beyond Thomas Paine!

You were a part of the fight
but you sure didn't spark it.

You're not half as tough as Tubman,
so why don't you Park it?

I'm money - so fresh,
but you'll pay the cost,

when you've lost and you're
behind me, sucking exhaust.

Rosa Parks:

Step back, sweetheart,
I don't mean to be unkind,

But they're putting you on cash
that paid for your behind.

All that time on the train
must've rattled your brain,

because the whole plan
sounds just a little insane.

I'm all for the change, though
I don't know why they'd bother,

sticking you in the middle of
those flawed founding fathers.

You'll be stacked with slave-owners,
and unless you've forgotten,

They'll be printing your face
on seventy-five percent cotton.

Harriet Tubman:

You've got a lot to learn,
and I'm gonna be blunt.

Take a lesson from the best,
and you can sit in the front.

When it comes to achievement,
this bout is a knockout.

You joined in the sit-in,
I organized the walk-out.

They say you're a hero,
I don't see the fuss.

I worked on the railroad,
you rode on a bus!

I battled slave masters,
now you're left eating Crow.

Go back to the diner,
with your bitches and hose!

Rosa Parks:

So "Moses" supposes
her record smells like roses,

but my flow exposes,
what no school discloses.

Don't mess with a teacher
who knows her history!

Looking back on your actions,
and all the slaves that you freed,

I think there's a connection,
now what could it be?

I've got it, they're part of
the Tubman family tree!

Such surprising nepotism
from this Nobel Prize winner,

Saving people she'd see at
a Thanksgiving Dinner.

You bled for the cause,
walked until you had blisters,

but I think you left behind
some of your "brothers and sisters".
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