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on: 12:46:03 AM 01/27/15
The Thing:

This is a dog fight,
and I'm more than MacReady,

to rise up from the ground,
and splatter this jelly.

I'm a primate assimilator,
who's in your head already,

drop this dimwit droplet,
who's so slow and steady.

Won't have no trouble,
defeating this snot bubble

on the double, and reduce
this planet to rubble!

The Blob:

Like a meteor crash,
I'm gonna crush your dream,

of taking over the world,
in a form so obscene.

I'm an ever-expanding
over-population solver.

Don't diss this distended
wack rapper dissolver!

Make war with me, morsel,
and I'm gonna defeat ya'.

To me you're just an
extra-large, meat lover's pizza.

the Thing:

I survived in the cold,
frozen for countless years,

and now my minds figured out,
all your deepest fears.

For you, a walk-in freezer
would be a no-go zone.

You'll eat me? Please, you
couldn't stomach a sno-cone.

I'll attack with head-spiders,
and intestine leeches.

Hit you with CO2,
wherever your fat ass reaches.

The Blob:

I can respect your skill,
when you're killing a fool.

But step to me and get burned,
gross gangrenous ghoul.

Sure I'm fat, and I'm slow,
and I freeze when it's chilly,

but you're a mixed-up mass,
made of mostly hillbilly.

It's digestion-time, Thingy,
and I'm about to call dibs.

Dip your whole ass in honey,
munch on all your spare ribs.
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