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War is Hell, motherfucker,
so let's mow 'em all down.

We're spirits of destruction,
hailing from the underground.

I got that Red Horse.
I got that sword, son.

I bring the kills and the
will to get the job done.


I hate to be a pest,
but I see it's my turn.

Come with fleas with disease,
to make your skin burn.

I get ill to the gills,
when I spew sick rhymes,

Spill swill with the skill
that'll plague your mind.


Are you hungy for more,
or have you had enough?

Get a taste of my flow,
'cuz it's the sweet stuff.

Watch you waste away,
like a withered mess,

I serve raps blood-rare,
that you can't digest.


If you thought that was bad,
things are getting worse.

This is a perverse verse,
to put your ass in a Hearse.

With a swing of the scythe,
I stop a sucker's heartbeat.

Step to me and I'll put
your ass down, six feet.


Hey, look who got lost,
in our haunted maze.

Four fucked-up freaks
from the End of Days.

You wanna beat me?
That's not in my code.

Get on my level if you're
ready for my game mode.


A group of old dudes,
with magic and ponies?

I thought internet,
was the home of the Bronies.

Nevermind that, 'cuz
it's time to attack.

I'm everywhere, bitch,
never turn your back!


Are you seeing red, now?
That's me, "the chaser".

A hot-headed hitman,
and dead data eraser!

You're in MY cabinet,
you best know your place,

or you'll get deez cherries,
all up in your face!


Oh, don't mind me,
I'll just sit over here.

This is my corner, and,
I need to make it clear.

I'm kind of a loner,
and I don't like to gloat.

But really. Keep out.
I'll slice your fucking throat.


I wanna dedicate this,
to all my dead homies.

You think you got chops
to drop bodies? Show me.

I make ghosts for a living,
so I'm just not afraid,

of frustrated phantoms,
trapped in an arcade.


I'll march on your maze,
burn that shit to the ground.

No trace of your fates,
will ever be found.

I'm an abomination,
middle name is Atrocity.

Don't issue orders, you're
not the End Boss of me.


We're cooking up a plan,
I'm going to serve it.

When the punishment comes,
understand you derserve it.

Why do you fight us?
You should want to join!

You're a group of dead bums,
begging children for coins!


Here's a nasty bug,
sure to cause an itch.

I hear your game's so lame,
it ends on a glitch.

Your case is terminal,
this is a symptom,

you rap like you got
a virus in your system.


Listen up Pestilence,
you rat-bastard prick!

Hands OFF of the buttons,
don't touch the joystick.

Save the STDs,
for your two biggest fans.

If we're going by looks,
then I guess they're your hands.


I have to ask, Famine,
are you even a threat?

I don't understand
what your power is, yet.

You seem like a guy who
would hang out with teens.

As they're binging and purging
to fit in their jeans.


War thinks he's wanted,
I think that's adorable.

Dude, nobody likes you,
you're costly and horrible.

I know you like battles,
blood spatter, and bones.

We machines are the future,
we do shit with drones.


I may be slow to start,
but once I get flowing,

you won't know whether
I'm coming or going.

Rap circles 'round Death,
make the goth kid weep.

If I took his job,
they'd call it Gangsta Reap.

Pac-Man: (Rising on the horizon.)

Wokka Wokka Wokka
What the fuck?

I was drawn here by
the sad sound of suck.

Four digital dorks,
like spooks to the slaughter.

Sweet polter-goodies
that make my mouth water.

High on Power-Pellets,
and you look bite-size.

Eat your ass raw,
and spit out the eyes.

- And these jack-off jockeys,
sure are judgemental.

You're trespassing, boys,
was that accidental?

Mean-mugging night-mares,
in a race they can't win.

I'd gobble you ghouls, but
who knows where you've been?

Ride into the Sunset,
don't give a second look.

More people play with me,
than believe in your book.
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