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on: 07:18:53 PM 01/18/15

Back off, Blondie,
I'm 2 Pro 4 U.

You're a weak waitress,
and I know Kung-Fu.

A bullet-slinging butcher
from a dark, burning future,

a supreme super-user,
and cheat code abusor!

So welcome to the Matrix,
this is your fate, trick,

battle raps more sick,
than digitial dick pics.

Wi-Fight the future?
There's no hope for you.

Come at me again,
you'll get Deja-Vu.


A little goth geek,
looking basic in black,

like Hot Topic sold a
Sims expansion pack.

Your missions are failures,
before they even begin,

tossing out your morality,
to make sure you win.

When faced with a mob,
you just blast your way through.

Did you really forget,
they're all victims like you?

Your reckless endangerment
of innocents is harmful.

Do something safe, take
your ass back to Farmville.


I'm a dominatrix Deity,
from a virtual reality.

You're a sad Soccer Mom,
tied down by mortality.

I transcend masculinity,
I'm beyond femininity,

I'm a killing machine
more imposing than Arnie.

I was almost "The One",
you wanna test my divinity?

You should kneel down and praise
the might of this Holy Trinity.

Why not log off now?
C-colon-slash RUN to Cameron.

Then again, he just borrowed
all of your shit from Ellison.


You think the Wachowskis,
invented your story?

I'd laugh, if your bleak
universe didn't bore me.

I grew as a character,
as I faced what I feared.

While Neo got stronger,
your role disappeared.

The future's in my womb,
that's the burden I carry.

I'm the mother of our savior,
might as well call me Mary.

Are you looking for an Exit?
You're in luck, 'cuz I got one.

I'll free you from your trilogy,
with the end of my shotgun.
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