Author Topic: Frankenstein's Monster vs. Frosty the Snowman  (Read 4328 times)

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Who's the cold-hearted mad hatter
with an icy glare to shrink your bladder?

Bringing magic to your family
while Dad fucks with lights and ladders?

Pipe made of concob,
and I'll blast any rich snob

too Scrooged up to hobnob
during the season of eggnog!

I'm motherfuckin' Frosty.
I got a Fir-flockin' posse.

Don't try to cross me,
or get hospital bills as lofty,

as your Christmas debt
- Costly!

Frankenstein's Monster:

FIRE BAD, bitch,
I know that much is true.

But I'll make an exception
because it's time to burn you.

I'm the lumbering giant
with the abnormal brain,

but this singing snow golem
is the one who's insane!

You can't stand up to me!
I'm an icon of fright!

Got the hands of a brawler,
I was made to fight!

Snuff your spark of life,
like a dying candle's light.

Cancel Christmas for all,
and to you a good night.


I don't know what reeks more,
your raps or your flesh.

Put some JOY in your work,
you morose, mis-matched mess.

It's time to kill off Karloff,
put this Frankenweenie to rest.

Spit slick slush on this mush-brain,
give him my Holiday best.

You're a morbid merged malcontent with no meaning in life.

A meandering moron so mangled, they had to BUILD you a wife.

My mirth-makng madness makes millions of minors merry.

Your mournful moaning mug belongs in mothballs. Not scary.

Frankenstein's Monster:

This silly special snowflake
didn't bring up BRIDES, did he?!

Yeah, I'm more into ladies
than some rosey-cheek kiddie.

You say "Catch me if you can"?
Let's just let that sink in.

I'm a literal lady-killer,
with a hunchbacked wingman.

Summer's coming, Pedo Stark,
give those kids a last cuddle.

Watch you melt in the Sunlight,
then I'll piss in the puddle.
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