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Hell Rising / Re: Suggestions
« on: 06:13:39 AM 10/15/19 »
Urgent suggestion... make it so zombies don't burst into infectious gore with EVERY SINGLE attack!
It's like they're made of some kind of infected jello; it's frustrating and makes you want/need to avoid all of them like the pest. Specially when playing as vamp, since blood bags are rarer than a shiny PokéMon. This slows down gaming, because you pretty much can only hunt enemies IF you absolutely have spare cure.

But... chaos is good.  -_-
Just think, without chaos there are no possibility of "chance". Chance by definition is random. Order is not randomic, so, chance requires chaos.
It is chaos, not order, that defines the very existence of EVERYTHING. Big Bang itself was chance, because before there was nothing, and nothingness is the most perfect "order": no possibility of random events AT ALL. So, it was chaos that brought the whole existence into, well, existing.  :)

Not exactly, but it's a start.
Take for example LaGrange Hospital, near the Fort. A lot of people hide there, mainly Combat Medics members. Now let's say someone has pretty much everyone in there as his enemy. When he walks-in the place, the game will show all the people inside in alphabetical order. So, in case that someone doesn't necessarily care for a particular killing order, (like "I hate that dude more than that other dude") then he'll pretty much "kill in alphabetical order".
Which means, usually, everytime people hide in the same place, the same person will die first. In my case, I usually die first whenever I hide there. Whenever not, I bet it's poor Dr. Johny Fever who dies first. Always.

Hell Rising / Re: What would you think if...
« on: 03:06:48 PM 06/24/15 »
I like both ideas.
I second that Silent Whisper is pretty useless as it is. Even if it would just affect the 3x3 area in which you currently are it would be over nine-thousand times better than the current uselessnes (is that a word) that it currently is. Just affecting a single tile? What kind of secret I would possibly be so driven to keep from someone possibly on same tile from discovering?

Hell Rising / Re: Thrown Weapon modifier
« on: 03:02:57 PM 06/24/15 »
I don't see why adding new skills would be problem (and in this case, I think it should be a follow-up of martial arts or something) but if ya really want to just replace one already existing, then get rid of that skill to break barricades easier. Pretty darn useless. Except for trolling other people.

It is freaking annoying to be inside an extremely barricaded place and be the ONLY one to die when a zed breaks in, because he had enough AP to kill but one and it happens that the names are sorted in alphabetical order.
That's just stupid.
If we can't have something to order the names like "last to arrive first to show" or something, we could at least have it random. Otherwise I'd better remake my character with a name like Zzzzzzz or something just to avoid being ALWAYS the first sight.

Hell Rising / Re: Update Bugs!
« on: 08:33:44 AM 06/17/15 »
One of my alts has been bleeding like... forever.  :bleed: Granted, I think he already lost more blood than all Bronze Saints from Saint Seya, all Tv seasons considered.  :bleed: I don't feel like suiciding it to make it stop.  :P

Hell Rising Announcements / Re: Stuff!
« on: 07:54:18 PM 06/10/15 »
I don't really think it'd be a good idea, since anyone can use a cell phone, it's not like it's just a human thing. If it were, then the undead trying to bring down the cells would have some sort of gameplay reason. Without that, it just ends up being, "Hey, I'm a jerk so I'll make it so nobody can use cellphones."
Why not? Several "humans" wreck barricades just because they're vamps in disguise jerks. And I think it's kinda senseless zombies using cellphones.

Hell Rising / Re: Post Trap Ideas Here
« on: 01:49:27 PM 06/10/15 »
Basically, traps are stationary weapons that can only be set indoors (at the moment) that activate based on their accuracy for most actions you take. The person setting the trap doesn't get any XP, but they do get kill credit, although there's no special "trap kills" stat, at least for now.
A counter for trap kills would be sweet. On another note, on another thread, someone suggested reseting the "top who-killed-what" or make it monthly; a top "trapper" would be nice.

Hell Rising / Re: Post Trap Ideas Here
« on: 07:59:04 PM 06/09/15 »
As I said I would, more ideas. One other thing, and I should've mentioned it before: traps should not be "100% effective", at least not all of them. In other words, walking on a place where a trap is set might (or might not) activate it. Also, every action taken on place where a trap is set is another chance to step on it. Some traps, however, are granted to work under a certain condition, like the one I suggested that is set on a door knob: a human climbing a Heavily Barricaded place or moving from another building with the Rooftop skill won't need to open the door; however any undead (or unskilled human) would ultimately be zapped.

Finding a trap should work akin to finding a hiding person. If you wander too far or for too long you might "forget" the trap you previously found. Once found, however, you wont activate the trap.

Pendulum (1 Length of Chain, 1 Weight. the kind one would find in sport shops would do. alternatively, that sculpture thingie we find at museums also works) can only be set indoors. when it is activated, this trap swings and hits with enough force that it might even knock the enemy to the outside of the place. there is a very slight chance that, when set on a building, it might be on a floor high enough to deal extra damage or even kill from the fall.

Hammok deals no damage, but ensnares the enemy in place and requires a few amount of AP to get rid of it.

Spray Coat (4 spray paints) deals no damage, but the target gets covered by colorful sprays and cannot hide/hafter hang for quite a long time (after a LOT of AP is spent). also it looks ridiculous and everyone will point & laugh at his face.

Skull Bolas (3 skulls, 1 length of chain) ensnares target in place and terrorizes it.

Chill Spray (2 fire extinguishers) chills the enemy.

Electro Trip (2 car battery, 1 wire) when someone trips on it, will be zapped, receiving damage and dazed.

Shrapnel (4 shotgun ammo, 1 pipe, 1 nail box) when it explodes, deals damage to whoever activated it, and the nails may hit everyone in the same area, dealing some damage and causing bleed.

Flamethrower (1 gas can, 1 spray paint, 1 lighter) torches the enemy, causes damage and sets on fire.

Now if you excuse me I'll dust off my old copies of Kagero and Deception. (ok, I'll download roms for my emulator)

Hell Rising / Re: Post Trap Ideas Here
« on: 12:22:12 AM 06/09/15 »
I'm ok with the Crafting skill to make traps; but I still think a "Set Trap" skill should be implemented. After all, we do require a skill just to barricade, which consists mostly of nailing some boards to the windows, etc.... maybe even the barricading thing could be like this:

no skill - you can make Light Barricades.
Carpentry - allows barricading up to Extremely Heavily Barricaded.

Hell Rising / Re: Post Trap Ideas Here
« on: 11:17:09 PM 06/08/15 »
On another note, I still think a skill to either make or set traps would be advisable. Even tho it is harder living as human (well, any other would be unliving anyway), requiring nothing to create/set traps might come out as cheesy.

Ok, here's some ideas:

Blast Wire (2 grenades, 1 wire) the classic trap that consists of 2 grenades linked thru a wire, in which if someone trips, it goes BOOM!

Electric Handle (car battery, wire) it must be set indoors. activates when someone attempts to open the door, electrifies the enemy and causes daze effect. the door wont open this time, as you get knocked back by the surge (but now the battery is drained)

Spiked Plank (nail box, wood board, hammer) when someone steps in it, deals damage and causes bleeding.

Flame Bulb (gas can, any flare) when someone turns the lights on, this trap sets him on fire.

I'll surely come up with more later.

Hell Rising Announcements / Re: Stuff!
« on: 06:44:29 PM 06/07/15 »
Yay, traps!
Hey, any chance map is still being developed and growing? If yes, then we could have a "Cell Tower" building or something, responsible for making the phones work; and when un-powered (or wrecked by a zombie) cell phones stop working. Kinda like the Tv Station.

Hell Rising / Re: Suggestions
« on: 06:52:33 PM 05/28/15 »
I'm not joking. I would like a zoo area. Would make for cool bosses fighting lions and shit.
PH34R the Zombie Penguin and the Vampire Elephant.  :bleed: ;D

Hell Rising / Re: Suggestions
« on: 06:45:30 PM 05/28/15 »
Ohhh... It's neither, you just didn't have enough AP to stand up as a zombie. It costs 15 AP instead of the 10 that you need to stand as a human.

I should still show the button but disabled, or something...

Anyway, as for traps... I remember Mo saying that he tried to put in traps before, but I don't know if he's still interested in having them in the game.
Oh, that's that, then. Not fair, zombies already have few AP. 15 AP is almost the same as finding a building and jump. Well, thanks for the info. (a disabled option showing the AP cost would be nice)

Yeah but I don't know what *kind* of traps.
Stuff like landmines (damage) something made with gas can set at a door that causes burning. A classic 2 granades and a wire thingie would also be cool. The typical bearhugger could be either found or crafted, maybe? We could also take that shovel that's already in-game and make pit traps, maybe? (I better don't get started, I love Trap Gunner and Kagero/Deception, I could go on and on like forever.)
Traps could be set at ground (any pannel), at a door or even at a barricade or fence. Depend on the trap. And to either set or detect a trap, maybe a human skill. This way other humans could avoid traps, but undead would suffer. To craft trap, maybe just having the Craftmanship would suffice. Heck, This skill should even be REQUISITE for trapper skill...

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