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Hell Rising / Greatest Glitch Ever!
« on: 12:58:43 AM 04/30/16 »
So in the middle of joint hunting a nefarious one, I found with the help of a zombie named Nexus the greatest glitch ever!

Basically it allows vampires (maybe humans too) to hide outside!!!!

It needs perfect timing to pull off between a vampire (maybe human) with hang/hide and a zombie with the drag skill. All you have to do is hide at the exact moment you are dragged out and bam! You are hiding outside, And apparently untouchable, Only able to be seen when found. Ha!  :batman:

Edit: On this character, building is a total disaster, lights are out umm... I'm a vamp at 20 HP thats all the vital info I suppose.

Edit #2: 95% credit of this discovery goes to Nexus for dragging me out at that exact moment.

Hell Rising / Re: Suggestions
« on: 12:19:05 AM 04/22/16 »
More Flavor like the broadcast one above... Please consider that one first :D

Anyway, Just to add another button to the bottom, a Bull Horn, only used by humans, ran on batteries, and can be heard within a two - three block radius, for the shiggles I guess. Inspiration...

Also maybe set the eerie moans back to where everything can hear them again besides just other zombies, for spookiness, And thats all for another round of useless suggestions.

General Discussion / Big Feets
« on: 08:16:34 PM 04/20/16 »

I just found this cruising youtube, Thought you might get a kick out of it Mo if you havent already seen it.  :abducted:

Hell Rising / Re: What is it?
« on: 03:41:45 PM 04/12/16 »
:anxious: And the search begins all over again. :clue:

Hell Rising / Re: Suggestions
« on: 03:16:28 AM 04/09/16 »
Is there anyway we could please get more broadcast goodies? I've tried almost every horror film in the public domain and only found 3 on top of the game inspired 3. I was also extremely* saddened this one wasnt in there...

Hell Rising / Re: [Story] - Wasteland Nurse
« on: 02:23:46 AM 04/05/16 »
And now I'm hooked, very nice touch with the pic  :koolaid:

Hell Rising / Re: [Story] - Wasteland Nurse
« on: 05:36:14 PM 04/02/16 »
I like it! Need more ;p

Hell Rising / Re: Suggestions
« on: 11:54:44 AM 06/28/15 »
More than likely already suggested and beat into the ground but here goes a couple skill ideas....

For zombie something like "Recent Memory - Allows you to use a gun once per day/time frame"

And for Vamp's in the senses tree "Vampiric Focus - Able to find out exactly who is behind a barricade once per day/time frame." Or something that would cost some HP and AP to raise hit chance with bladed weapons.

I would suggest something for human, But there's a couple things I haven't found out about them yet due the recent updates, wooden boards etc.

Hell Rising / Re: Suggestions
« on: 10:02:22 PM 06/25/15 »
I wasn't ordering him :(

Hell Rising / Re: Suggestions
« on: 09:30:18 PM 06/25/15 »
NPC's that drop recipes or recipe hints, we discussed this :p

Hell Rising / Re: What would you think if...
« on: 01:38:20 AM 06/25/15 »
>_> it could... Start a silent fire!

what if it was an added chance to dodge an attack?

Hell Rising / Re: What would you think if...
« on: 07:05:35 PM 06/17/15 »
DAT wuld ruins da gaem :monocle:

Hell Rising / Re: Update Bugs!
« on: 07:06:46 PM 06/07/15 »
D: oh noes!

Hell Rising / Re: Update Bugs!
« on: 04:59:25 PM 06/07/15 »
It may be specific to me as I did pull a move I wasn't supposed to be able to *nods*

Hell Rising / Re: Update Bugs!
« on: 04:39:25 PM 06/07/15 »
.... I sensed inside a two tile building... And found someone...

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