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Hell Rising / 2022
« on: 02:48:30 PM 08/28/22 »
Hi Mo, Mams and whoever else is here to read. Hope you're all doing well and having fun, So many good times here 8)

Hell Rising / Re: Is that it?
« on: 01:30:27 AM 10/05/20 »
... 2020 fuckin sucks.

General Discussion / Re: Punk Musics!!!
« on: 08:38:26 PM 07/12/20 »
Mo! Yay! That was vague as per usual :p I'll stop if you say so... You know :) but glad to see everythings still running and I hope you are well and havent got the Rona. I'll have to invite you out next time I'm in the area for a good old fashioned punk show! Also hope you're having a great day take care man!

I have a few more bands/Acts to plug (Like Cut Throat Freak Show) but I'll hold off for now :awesome:

General Discussion / Punk Musics!!!
« on: 06:06:55 PM 07/09/20 »
It is I! I'm still alive lol and here to hopefully promote a few bands if Mo shall allow it this place looks kinda dead :(

Any way here goes, These guys are awesome, And if you end up liking them and wanting to help support them with getting some merch stickers/shirts/patches/whatnot or booking them to play just let me know :)

Thanks for reading/listening have a great day!

Hell Rising / Re: Suggestions
« on: 09:52:37 AM 01/23/19 »
One post and you're already annoyed I still got it! Haha just wanted to say hi :D

Hell Rising / Re: Suggestions
« on: 07:55:09 PM 01/22/19 »
I would like to make a suggestion to bring Mo back to the game, its been awhile since the game had any Mo or things Mo related, its in a rather sad state and maybe it could help :p

Hell Rising / Re: Hell Rising Discord
« on: 02:55:38 PM 09/17/17 »
We already have two Discords set up for HR, long story, I guess a third wouldnt hurt. We dont broadcast the links for obvious reasons.

Dys has been disqualified for absence, sorry man :\

Hell Rising / Re: Future Tournament Ideas - Add As You Wish
« on: 09:41:19 PM 11/13/16 »
I'm going to make my own tournament! It'll have blackjack and hookers!

Noooooooooo not Wank he was so young. :p

Confirmed, Don is out, but now a referee ;)

In order to keep this going smoothly and quickly, just ask a group mate or friend to revive you, so being eliminated on redemption, or anywhere (for now) can't be debated.

Hell Rising / Re: Suggestions
« on: 11:35:57 PM 10/20/16 »
Good idea Anime.

And I have a question more so than a suggestion, Could the old SW system of BP instead of AP be a possibility or is AP hardwired to the game?

Hell Rising / Re: There can be only one! Registration only.
« on: 12:31:21 PM 10/19/16 »
Only 10 more days to register!!!!

Hell Rising / Re: Halloween event ideas
« on: 02:40:54 PM 10/01/16 »
Ah thank you good sir, will get on testing that! :)

Also this isn't said enough Mam, Slime Thank you guys!

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