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Hell Rising / Re: Suggestions
« on: 03:00:22 PM 02/21/19 »
My apologies, I thought Mammon was Mo. So, if you replace "Mo" with "Mammon" in my prior posts, I think it all makes sense?

Hell Rising / Re: Suggestions
« on: 11:07:41 PM 02/18/19 »
...and hey, I can totally understand that being annoying and troubling as all Hell (and I never played Scroll Wars).

But, with you saying that you are ready to pull the plug on a few occasions, and an apparent lack of updates since Mo left - it just doesn't seem like your heart is in it. That isn't an accusation and, I freely admit, I could be wholly mistaken. I understand that finding people that fit all three of those categories can be tough - not just in programming but in any creative endeavor. That's complicated by the fact that we all feel very passionately about our creative output and, sometimes, folks can forget who the client is (in this case - you).

On the flip-side, Mo still seems passionate about, or at least engaged with, HR. I just wish you two could bury the hatchet, that's all. Obviously, the relationship between you two wasn't perfect, but HR felt more like a living, breathing thing when it had both of you.

Regardless, twelve years and going is an amazing achievement. There are players who were in HS when they started playing who still drop in and look around with wonder and nostalgia. YOU did that. You created something that, if gone tomorrow, people would genuinely miss. Then there are those of us who are still around....and I think most of us don't plan on leaving....and would love to see things pick up again. Sure, there has been the troll-problem (which is difficult to address), and I don't know as things will ever return to the heyday of launch when 100+ people would be running around killing each other in real time. But, Urban Dead is still going and still has active users - and Hell Rising is the superior game.

Hell Rising / Re: Suggestions
« on: 02:14:11 PM 02/18/19 »
I don't know what the falling out you had with Mo. That said, while he was around and working? It was nice. There were updates and even a feeling that there was someone listening - even if things didn't change. If I recall, the falling out was over a wholly different project. Is there any chance of you two burying the hatchet? I think HR still has life in it (Hell, Urban Dead is still going too), and I'm coming up on 12 years here (off and on).

Me, I'd love a way to spend my XP and keep leveling up and the group list could probably use some clean up . So many trolls created so many groups, its like a deletion shopping list!

Anyhow, 12 years of HR - I'd be sorry to see it go.

Hell Rising / Re: Abuse
« on: 01:58:34 PM 10/04/18 »
I'd support a $5 fee for each character created...even retroactively...if it were to cut down on the trolls. Of course, they seem to have drifted away again after driving off half of the recovered base.

Hell Rising / Re: Suggestions
« on: 03:42:00 PM 11/02/17 »
Maybe move back to the smaller neighborhood where there is more player interaction? Granted, that could have its down-side but, as things stand you can play for weeks without encountering another character on the grid.

Hell Rising / Re: Suggestions
« on: 06:42:30 PM 10/25/17 »
Hey, I'm all for snappy repartee...but that isn't the action of the trolls that have inundated  HR. They aren't dropping pearls of wisdom or bits of comedic genius. They come in, hurl abuse at people and, when new users come on, that is what they see. Screen after screen of it. Can you blame people for not staying?

And trust me, I've been called nigger enough in real life, I really don't like to have it thrown at me by some faceless shithead on a game. So yeah, I find that much more than "annoying". YMMV

Hell Rising / Re: Suggestions
« on: 06:28:21 PM 10/25/17 »
Not at all. The place was lively. In fact, a number of people were actively working to bring in new players. The game was growing, the base was expanding, it was getting sustainable again. Then, trolls drove everyone away again. That isn't bullshit, that's fact. What is also a fact is that is they COULD block the trolls, they would, and the game would be much better for it.

People repeatedly shouting "nigger" in the chat channel are not making things "more lively."

Hell Rising / Re: Suggestions
« on: 02:07:03 PM 10/25/17 »
Which is a shame. The game was great in its heyday, brought a lot of people over from games like Urban Dead, and there was much fun. The ease with which people can circumnavigate IP blocks has let trolls run wild and trash the place. It is almost like the game needed a proving ground suburb to help weed out the trolls before letting them join with the masses.

I know, never working on it again. I get it. But this used to be a hell of a game before the unfettered hate speech, crazed Zerging, and out of control alts. So, thanks for all you *DID* do...this place was great once.

Hell Rising / Enough...
« on: 04:45:00 PM 05/30/14 »
Lately I've not been around much, because frankly, when I am? I'm appalled. I don't want to play this game anymore, and it is because of the people here. I watched someone get offended because someone was shouting "Nigger" in the shout box. I then watched other people (Zman) stand up for that behavior. I've watched people camp and kill people over and over again, and generally just behave like assholes.

Not my idea of a good time. Not my idea of people I want to spend time with.

There are people on this game that I'll miss, but frankly, I think the time for HR is past. It is overrun by howling, shrieking, little beasts who are only here to fling shit and concern themselves more with destroying people's enjoyment of the game rather than any real love of the game itself.

I wish they could've seen this game in its heyday. When 40 online and active players defended the fort against swarms of active undead. When TK'ers were chased across the grid in real time hunts. The game was great. Technically, it still is. However the players no longer live up to the premise.

Oddly, for all that I've butted heads? I don't number Akhart among them. He's actually settled down and has been playing. But me? I'm done. I've been around for 7 years but enough is enough. I urge other old-timers to join me. This isn't our game anymore. You can pretend that it is, that alliances mean something, that despite in game rivalries it is just a friendly place, but we all know that isn't true. That isn't true at all...

You folks win. You have succeeded in destroying my enjoyment of the game. You have driven me off, and I'm not coming back. I deal with the IRS for a living, I'm not going to hang out here and deal with a bunch of children too. Now you can all jump in this thread with your "hur-hur" comments. I don't care, I don't have to read them.

Hell Rising / Re: The undead vs Barricades.
« on: 10:37:11 AM 05/27/14 »
Yeah, the moment you started attacking the game's creator probably ended your chance of him paying much attention to you.

Hell Rising / Re: The undead vs Barricades.
« on: 04:36:31 PM 05/17/14 »
Of course, since some TK'ers like to entomb people in heavily barricaded buildings, there is a flip side to this. A new player can enter a barricaded building for protection, have someone like Akhart, Lippsyl, etc, stroll in and kill him and leave him (or even up the barricades) and his next full round of AP is spent merely trying to get out of the building. Seriously, not fun.

I rather think that the point of the game is that things do NOT favor humanity. All of the tropes of the genre point to mankind's eventual downfall. Best case scenario should be a short bit of peace during a well carried out holding action, not any sort of extended safety. I mean, if that were the case, the fort should be much easier to hold.

Hell Rising / Re: Suggestions
« on: 11:30:22 AM 04/16/14 »
How about a penalty for TK? I mean, the folks at the top of the list are going to TK anyhow, but these days a dedicated group of TK'ers seem bent on driving everyone off the game. It was one thing when there was a huge playerbase and people like IronMikeTyson roamed the much larger grid, killing folks. Now, with this smaller grid, trying to hide from TK'ers is an exercise in futility and, since they are using so many alts to do it, it becomes a pointless effort to barricade a building, or even bother to remain alive.

When it was undead versus humans, with multiple factions, things worked great. Now that it is some humans against 2 people with 60-70 alts between them, not so much.

Hell Rising / Re: The undead vs Barricades.
« on: 11:14:53 AM 04/03/14 »
While Akhart and I rarely see eye to eye on things, I have to agree. The idea behind barricading buildings is to provide some sense of security. Now, TK'ers aside, the undead seem able to rip down barricades far faster than humans can put them up. It honestly makes barricading buildings rather pointless as it is just a signal to undead to open up that building for the humans inside.

Hell Rising / Re: Suggestions
« on: 08:52:02 AM 02/24/14 »
I'm waiting for "Children of the Corn" zombies.... ;)

Hell Rising / A Modest Proposal
« on: 10:07:31 PM 02/22/14 »
Look, the player base is pretty small right now and Fences and Fires have started to be used as weapons to simply drive other players away. While they are, in concept, fantastic, I think that they are a bit detrimental with a smaller player base, at least as things currently stand.

While I'm not asking that they be eliminated entirely, perhaps there is a way that the use of these actions could be scaled back? Perhaps fires are easier to suppress and Fences take many more AP to erect? Maybe both just cost more AP? The point is, we need a limiting factor in play here to reduce the problems caused by overuse of these actions on a small player base.

There are groups on both sides that are wielding these activities as weapons to totally ruin the enjoyment of other player races. It isn't fun to have the entire grid ablaze, it isn't fun to sit up in a sea of unending fences.

I remember this game when it was packed. I remember logging in to hordes of zombies 100 strong attacking Fort Howard. I'd love to see things like that again. However, when new players are dropped into unending fences, or fire everywhere, why are they going to play.

Since neither side seems all that trusting that the other side will moderate their actions I ask that it be considered that action be taken on a code level so that we can get back to actively playing the game rather than dealing with the mass alt-wars that are going on everywhere.

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