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The Slime Pit / Re: Where's the war?!
« on: 12:07:17 AM 11/17/17 »
And I don't know any of you.

Hell Rising / Re: New player needing help
« on: 02:18:31 PM 11/11/17 »
There's no way I'd ever help someone with a username like that.

Hell Rising / Re: Hell Rising Discord
« on: 07:05:00 PM 09/17/17 »
THREE Discords? I thought the game was dead.

Hell Rising / Re: Suggestions
« on: 10:11:04 PM 08/05/17 »
I'm never working on this damn game again.

Hell Rising / Re: Suggestions
« on: 03:01:31 PM 07/27/17 »
In the upcoming VR re-release there won't be hit %s because you'll have to hit things with your own aim.

Hell Rising / Re: Ello!
« on: 02:43:38 PM 07/05/17 »
There are lingering bugs that I know of, but I don't care, lol.

Nobody else seems to, either.

Hell Rising / Re: Ball Blam-Burglerber?
« on: 10:57:17 PM 04/29/17 »
Person donated for a custom item.

Meh, containers bug out sometimes for whatever reason.

Hell Rising / Re: Abuse
« on: 08:24:22 PM 04/19/17 »
I already know that these guys just swap proxies all the time, it'd be incredibly difficult to stop them completely.

If this were the sort of game where you really needed a lot more time to invest in each character, then banning them *might* discourage them, but really you can make a new character in this and fuck around immediately, so it's tough to figure out how to fix it.

In the beginning we had you get email verification for each account which *maybe* helped a bit, but these days it is incredibly easy to just make throwaway email accounts.

Seriously, probably the only thing that would help with this sort of thing is putting a price tag on each new account, and nobody wants that.

The thing that really amazes me the most is how much time all these people seem to have to devote to something like fucking with an old, pretty obscure browser game. I mean, wow.

Hell Rising / Re: Abuse
« on: 02:50:05 PM 04/19/17 »
It's too much work to try and get rid of these guys, because then they'll just get even more annoying, so I gave up years ago.

Might as well play something else.

Hell Rising / Re: Hello all!
« on: 04:46:16 PM 04/17/17 »
You mean you aren't playing it?

Shit, you've missed all those test weekends, then.

Sucks to be you, man.

Hell Rising / Re: Hello all!
« on: 03:33:32 PM 04/17/17 »
I got too much shit to code as it is. -_-

Hell Rising / Re: Q&A: Get answers from other players, ect.
« on: 01:47:44 AM 03/27/17 »
I only ever tested it on NPCs, so it wouldn't surprise me if it's bugged when trying to use it on players.

So, yeah.

Hell Rising / Re: Q&A: Get answers from other players, ect.
« on: 12:52:33 AM 03/27/17 »
I dunno, I wrote that code years ago now, it's probably bugged.

tbf I didn't think anybody would ever figure out you could hit more than one target with certain weapons.

Hell Rising / Re: Q&A: Get answers from other players, ect.
« on: 12:17:27 AM 03/27/17 »
It only hits enemies.

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