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Hell Rising / Re: Suggestions
« on: 10:19:09 PM 08/05/17 »

Hell Rising / Re: Suggestions
« on: 10:09:14 PM 08/05/17 »
A way to sort through contacts would be really nice I.E Actives first, mutuals.

Hell Rising / Re: Suggestions
« on: 02:42:29 AM 07/28/17 »
Good! Game is heading in the right direction then  ;D

Hell Rising / Re: Suggestions
« on: 11:15:19 AM 07/27/17 »
A 10k XP skill that adds 1% hit chance for each category of weapon per purchase.

Hell Rising / Re: HR Introduction/Re-Intro Thread
« on: 06:17:59 AM 05/09/17 »
G'day, W/B.
Mo and Mams are still around sometimes, rusty not to much  :bleed:

Hell Rising / Re: Q&A: Get answers from other players, ect.
« on: 12:57:20 AM 03/27/17 »
I thought there must be an upside to grenade launchers, they're hard to get and difficult to manage so i started stuffing around with them. I was saving a lot for a situation like this hopefully to take some alts by surprise.

Doesn't really matter i guess but it would be cool if it worked.

Also crossbows are cool, thanks for that :)

Hell Rising / Re: Q&A: Get answers from other players, ect.
« on: 12:47:50 AM 03/27/17 »
This is what the situation was, so it SHOULD have hit? Or am I just reallllllly unlucky

Hell Rising / Re: Q&A: Get answers from other players, ect.
« on: 11:56:08 PM 03/26/17 »
Can anyone explain how grenade launchers work? I was under the impression they have a 30% chance to hit everyone on the tile individually.

Recently I tried using them on maybe 13-16 alts all on the same tile and they seemed to only hit the character i was targeting.

Although when i tested it with another player and fort NPCs it hit all the NPCs and the player who i had added to enemies. Does it only work for NPCs?

Hell Rising / Re: Suggestions
« on: 01:33:25 AM 03/21/17 »
I don't know I wasn't there.  :'(

Hell Rising / Re: Suggestions
« on: 10:19:41 PM 03/20/17 »
But everyone loved Scroll Wars  :-[

Hell Rising / Re: Suggestions
« on: 09:49:57 PM 03/20/17 »
That's actually really cool. That's weird, when I first got the Love Bow i went searching for arrows and never saw a crossbow come up. Hm.

But that's cool. I still think we should get more skills for bows, to make the Love Bow actually useful.

Hell Rising / Re: Suggestions
« on: 06:32:27 PM 03/20/17 »
+ Long Bow | 1 ammo, base hit rate of 5%, 8-9 damage, ignores armor
+ Short bow | 1 ammo, base hit rate of 15%, 5-9 damage.
+ Quiver. Wearable, used to store 10 arrows.

Add archery skill tree.
- Basic Archery Training: +10% chance to hit with bow weapons
   - Intermediate Archery Training: +10% chance to hit with bow weapons
   - Skilled Archer: Increases bow ammo capacity by 1
   - Advanced Archery: +15% hit chance with Bow Weapons
      - Double knocking: For 3 AP the archer can fire 2 arrows at the target
      - Master Archer: Using Double Knocking will automatically reload you bow if arrows are present in Quiver.

Hell Rising / Re: Suggestions
« on: 09:33:00 AM 03/08/17 »
We need Mortalities to be displayed as badges on the characters profile. Finding them all should grant them a bonus of some kind.

Also, any chance you can reverse the inventory/equipment order? If you're playing from a phone it's a pain in the dick to scroll to the bottom to withdraw shit. Alternatively you could put it in columns.

Hell Rising / Re: Suggestions
« on: 05:27:44 AM 01/23/17 »
SB - I actually quite like the game, hence why I play it. But I think it could be better, more in-depth, more balanced and more variety. Besides, I don't mean for anyone to make changes, only a select few.

Mams - That's valid. However, there is also the other extreme of someone who is so in-love with the game that they wouldn't pull that kind of shit.

Hell Rising / Re: Suggestions
« on: 04:27:40 AM 01/19/17 »
Suggestion: make some players game mods and let them be able to make changes to the fucking game. [ Guests cannot view attachments ]

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