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Slimy Stories / Re: Invading Army
« on: 01:26:56 AM 06/18/16 »
Tee hee. So your avatar is actually self referential and not an alter ego. But I don't see any hair... unless you're not referring to scalp hair in this story.

While on the subject of ur handsome avatar face, I've always wondered about its origin... I don't think I've ever seen a 2-character avatar before. Is the Slimebeast the little guy in the bottom left corner, and if so is that actually ur persona, or are u the bedraggled guy using the shovel to constantly bury the red slime the lil beastie produces?

Slimy Stories / Re: Fly-High
« on: 02:17:28 AM 05/25/16 »
I don't get it. Why is Morris so mad at his beloved townsfolk who've kept vigil for his return for 52 years, and what happened that turned his skin obsidian?

Slimy Stories / Re: It's Always a Zombie
« on: 02:31:06 PM 07/29/15 »
It really took some BRRRAINS to write such a great story! I like how it combines zombie, action, & mystery genres, breezes along at a quick pace, and is thoroughly entertaining all the way through.  Ultra slimy!

Slimy Stories / Re: I Saw a Stranger
« on: 03:04:59 PM 07/28/15 »
Well, there's always the bearskin down at the abandoned lot  :)

The Shitty Stories / Re: Denialist
« on: 11:55:19 PM 07/12/15 »
Arguments, next door past the dentist, before Being Hit on the Head Lessons  ;D

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