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General Discussion / Re: Do you art
« on: 12:55:54 AM 01/05/14 »
I'm, like, okay at drawing, but not good. Mostly, I doodle. I think the last thing I did was practice figure-drawing. Spider-Man.

People wanna post anything of theirs??

Hell Rising / Re: Bug Reports
« on: 07:32:14 PM 01/02/14 »
Yes, you fixed it. Just checked.

Thank you, very much, Mammon!

Hell Rising / Re: Bug Reports
« on: 09:43:43 PM 01/01/14 »
I cannot heal for some reason, anytime I try I get an error. I am a human using medkits.
 You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near '14,1,14:40,4:7,5:13,3:31,3:6,1,6:22,1,2:39,1,1:18,5:377,1:14,1,2:51,2:261,16:15,' at line 1

Yeah, I got this, too. When you get back to the game, it SAYS you healed, but your health is still where it was.

Hell Rising / Re: Bug Reports
« on: 01:31:33 PM 12/17/13 »
Here's one, don't know if it happens for anyone else: When you click to Restack Inventory, it brings up the Drop confirmation pop-up. Tested to see if accepting actually drops the item prompted, but naw.

Anyone else catch this?

Hell Rising / Re: HR Introduction/Re-Intro Thread
« on: 06:50:49 PM 12/03/13 »
Indeed. Welcome back, Strawberry.

General Discussion / Re: what ya reading ?
« on: 06:00:06 PM 12/01/13 »
Iii recently started Rise to Rebellion by Jeff Shaara.
Only just getting to General Gage's first appearance, but I really like it, so far.

General Discussion / Re: Take my love, take my land...
« on: 01:43:26 PM 11/23/13 »
Wasn't expecting that.

I digress. FOR INSTANCE: They didn't get to develop Mal and Inara's relationship--if there were to be one. They didn't get to do much with the Tams. They didn't get to develop the Shepard any further than just that. [spoiler]They didn't even get to resolve the 'Two By Two, Hands of Blue' arc! The first arc![/spoiler]
Although, at least they got to continue on with the comics.

I really kind of hope they pass Serenity off as a dream, or something. I mean, the comics were unaffected by it, so I'd suppose they would...

General Discussion / Re: Take my love, take my land...
« on: 12:40:08 AM 11/23/13 »
I think I like Mal and Kaylee best. Well, I like Mal due to the honorable mentality, and Kaylee's--in my opinion--the the cutest chick, sooo...
I can't remember which is my favorite episode.

I really wish it hadn't been cancelled.There were so many possibilities!

Hell Rising / Re: Death should mean something
« on: 08:16:06 PM 11/20/13 »
Noted. And you evidently know better than I do about zombies. I never play the filthy things.

For now, I have nothing else to bring up. I shall ruminate upon matters.

Hell Rising / Re: Death should mean something
« on: 07:33:54 PM 11/20/13 »
Ehhh, I agree. Death should be a penalty. Though, perhaps, with the AP-caps of zombies(they're lowest, right?), the resist penalty should be lower. Probably 10.

Hell Rising / Re: HR Introduction/Re-Intro Thread
« on: 06:31:03 PM 11/19/13 »
That's all old news though since I fight for humans now

Cool. Good t' hear, man.

Hell Rising / Re: HR Introduction/Re-Intro Thread
« on: 01:21:33 AM 11/19/13 »
Yay, we're remembered!

Hi, guys. My name's Walter. I like super-heroes.  :hurr:

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