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The Slime Pit / Re: Listverse
« on: 01:38:31 PM 11/01/14 »
Decently enough, certainly not unknown. It's gotten much larger the last couple of years.

The Slime Pit / Listverse
« on: 02:00:30 AM 11/01/14 »
Don't know if you're aware or not, but "Funnymouth" got featured on Listverse.

Thought I'd let you know.

Hell Rising / Re: Map Fix
« on: 04:59:42 PM 10/05/14 »
Is the map all fixed and proper? If so I'll get around to mapping it out.

Hell Rising / Re: Map Fix
« on: 04:49:05 PM 10/05/14 »

I just remembered I never got my machete back after dropping it. I'm probably going to forget the next time it comes up too.

Hell Rising / Re: Map Fix
« on: 04:06:53 PM 10/05/14 »
On the map, or...?
In general I suppose. No posts in a while.

General Discussion / Re: A little computer question
« on: 04:22:20 AM 10/05/14 »
I've always used Malwarebytes, but it's detection and removal, not preventative. Meaning it won't stop you from acquiring malware, but does a decent job of removing it.

Not a fan of preventative anti-virus programs because I like having all of my computer's resources available whether I need them or not.

Hell Rising / Re: Map Fix
« on: 12:32:50 AM 10/04/14 »
So how's that progress n' shit?

Hell Rising / Re: Crafting Suggestion Thread 2.0
« on: 10:51:54 PM 09/27/14 »
The second would actually make it possible to defend a building by doing more than just rebuilding barricades as they get torn down. That would be pretty cool.
This is a different discussion for another topic but, I feel like that should be a feature with any weapon. Maybe only below a certain barricade level. I also feel there should be more event texts, like being able to hear your barricade being destroyed instead of it dematerialising in the blink of an eye without you even being able to notice before it's too late.

Hell Rising / Re: Crafting Suggestion Thread 2.0
« on: 09:32:01 PM 09/25/14 »
I'd rather you have binoculars that you can use to scout out adjacent tiles for 1-2 AP, which with your newly obtained information, you can take potshots at adjacent tile targets with -10% accuracy (maybe, maybe not, I dunno).

Having a weapon that just enables the ability instantly sounds a bit much, balance wise. That's just my opinion though.

Hell Rising / Re: Suggestions
« on: 09:28:50 PM 09/25/14 »
Yeah. And also, I have another idea.
I know it may be a little "not-really-fair" thing, but due recentely the Lazarix Case to carry Revival Serum has been added, wouldn't be great also add two containers for healings and ammo, like a "Doctor Bag" or/and an "Ammo Belt" ? I know as I said that may make the things "too easy", but still if a container for Revival Serum has been created it would be a pity not add those also for healings and ammo, in my opinion.
Well then it wouldn't be much to expect holsters and sheathes for primary weapons (only one of each, obviously).

Keep it simple or go all out.

Hell Rising / Re: Crafting Suggestion Thread 2.0
« on: 04:59:30 PM 09/23/14 »
BTW, do people actually use cloth in suppressors? I've never heard of that.
For a homemade one you use what you can. The age-old recipe is 2-3 plastic bottles taped together and stuffed with foam or something of similar consistency. Someone with better tools or a workshop would make use of a PVC pipe, moving up to even more sturdy base materials at hand. None of that exists in the game, to my knowledge, and I didn't want to go asking for you to add items as you requested.

Most homemade suppressors, especially the bottle kind, would only be good for a few shots, if even an entire magazine. It comes down to make and model, and especially cartridge. Even some professionally made suppressors would only last a hundred or so rounds, maybe a couple hundred if you're lucky. Not that that's relevant to the game, I don't think.

Hell Rising / Re: Map Fix
« on: 10:53:18 PM 09/22/14 »
Hate to throw the wrench but it looks like the south eastern corner of Peston gets chopped up among several other neighbourhoods, and the neighbourhood south of Peston looks to be missing an entire column, which I assume is whats causing the neighbourhood name screw ups.

I'm gonna hold off updating the map until this is sorted out.

Hell Rising / Re: Crafting Suggestion Thread 2.0
« on: 10:50:26 PM 09/22/14 »
No, it's only configurable for chainsaws, pistols, shotguns, assault rifles, and nailguns, and those weapons specifically. You can't just make a new weapon and call it a Silenced Pistol. Certain aspects of weapons need to be redone, like sounds, or ammo, it's all pretty much hard-coded rather than readily configurable.
Would it not be possible to just make a pistol and omit the sound call instead of making a custom radius for the pistol? Or is it not that simple either?

Hell Rising / Re: Crafting Suggestion Thread 2.0
« on: 07:44:05 PM 09/22/14 »
I don't see why not. If gunfire has a certain radius until the sound dies down, then wouldn't it be a simple matter of reducing the radius?
I'd prefer clarification anyway. I don't know how malleable the code for this game is, from what I've picked up out of previous discussion it seems pretty black and white. I'm wondering if it would even be possible to have a custom sound radius for weapons, as I'm not sure if any weapons in-game have that to begin with. Seems to me that guns make noise and melee weapons don't, and that's about it.

Regardless, the suggestion was something like:

Gun + # rags + lead pipe = suppressed gun.

Edit: Further mentions for potential balance of a more quiet or otherwise silent gun:

A suppressor on a gun could decrease accuracy, as it would lower the velocity of the round and make the weapon less wieldy due to increased barrel weight, not to mention a homemade suppressor has a decent chance of actually blocking iron sights to begin with. So less/no sound for decreased accuracy. -7% would be reasonable.

Alternatively if we are to assume all ranged combat happens in close quarters, it can also be assumed that one does not need to aim (justifying the constant missing that happens, you can say every fight is a scuffle). With this you can give suppressed guns 7% higher accuracy, due to the suppressor lowering recoil, but still reduced damage because of lower velocity.

Hell Rising / Re: Suggestions
« on: 07:32:01 PM 09/22/14 »
Perhaps a similar concept can be done with a Gas Can and a Molotov Cocktail. The Gas Can itself wouldn't do damage, but it would splash gas on them and would be heinously inaccurate (maybe 10%?). It might require a new status ailment (soaked?), but in theory it is possible.
The question is can a weapon also be used as an interactive item?

If you make it a weapon can the gas can still be used as ammunition and fuel for chainsaws and generators respectively?

What if it were made so that "heal" was changed to "use"? Generators are already a target so it wouldn't be much of a stretch I don't think. Then you can introduce functionality to other items, even as just a gag. That way not everything has to be an attack.

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