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Hell Rising / We should be able to... (Human suggestion)
« on: 02:28:32 AM 07/31/16 »
Store our injectors into our backpacks. Or Lazarix Cases. Whichever.

With spam attacks kind of being the norm around here in live fights, it can be pretty easy to accidentally revive someone that you don't want to revive. Especially if they were already human.

I've known plenty of other users that have done it on accident, just as I have. It frustrates them just as it frustrates me.

Those who don't carry injectors or are undead can spam attacks all they want without worrying they'll bring life into the being they wanted to make undead. It puts people who carry injectors at a disadvantage if they don't want to revive what they just killed.

So? Is it a go or no go? I believe it would help humans participate better in live fights.

Or just move the revive button.

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