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The Slime Pit / Ancient material
« on: 05:47:49 PM 11/23/15 »
I found some old songs by The Beast™ that maybe nobody else has.

Should I upload them? Y/N

Hell Rising Announcements / Bupdate
« on: 07:01:34 PM 10/20/15 »
  • Reload All button
  • Weapon damage and accuracy should now more accurately reflect the target selected (assuming you have Javascript enabled)
  • You can now reverse the order of events and discussion
  • New vampire skill "Night Vision" - Gives you perfect vision in the dark.
  • Discerning Palette also allows you to tell if the presences are NPCs
  • Defile now only requires one corpse
  • T-Shirt Cannon can now use any kind of shirt
  • If an NPC dies from a status effect you inflicted and you're still there, you will get full credit
  • Rooftop Run requires the building you're moving to to be in good shape
  • Buffed Fists damage and accuracy
  • Increased repair and barricade chances
  • Hit chance is affected by darkness
  • Vampires can now hide with the lights on
  • Vampires are no longer automatically unhidden when the lights come on, but are extremely easy to find when searching
  • NPC groups now have a chance to counterattack
  • It will now show how much damage armor absorbed
  • NPC zombies will now only turn you into a zombie if you're infected (again)
Bug Fixes
  • Some skill descriptions were inaccurate
  • Weapon and NPC effects were always triggering
  • Certain effects weren't working
  • Shouldn't be able to set someone to same group rank anymore
  • Shouldn't be able to change your own group rank anymore
  • Should no longer keep items you can't use when searching
  • Various minor fixes

Hell Rising Announcements / Stuff!
« on: 04:06:25 PM 06/07/15 »
What? An actual update? As always, report any bugs on the forum.

  • Cell phones! Annoy your friends! Finally a use for these things.
  • Traps! Annoy your "friends"! Only humans may set them up.
  • Vaults! Store all your valuables in the bank.
  • Groups now have their own storage at the self storage buildings.
    Group ranks must have "Take Items" permissions to take, but anybody can store.

  • Rain and snow now affect the effective area of Smell Rot
  • Generators will only run when the building is not powered normally and breakers are flipped on
  • Generators that are running will explode and cause fires / damage you if they are destroyed
  • Vampires' Silent Whisper now covers an area
  • Heal count doesn't increase if you didn't heal anything
  • Changed the way that sounds work a bit
  • Item in giving dropbox now defaults to the bottom of your inventory
  • Removed not counting TKs due to complaints
  • If you have the Analysis skill you can see what status effects someone has
  • You can now see what statuses you removed from someone when healing them
  • You can now (attempt) to heal statuses from someone even if they are at full health
  • Should now be able to heal your own status effects as a human even if you're at full health
  • Thrown weapon accuracy is now based upon how much HP you have left
  • Increased AP for undead turning off the power plant to 8
  • Discerning Palette now shows friends as well as enemies
  • Event and discussion backlog should show a bit more of what happened while you were gone
  • Anybody over level 5 can give an item to someone who is friendly
  • Everyone now starts out with a walkie talkie
  • Sometimes people will get crushed by someone jumping from a building
  • Vampires must now actively use their Supernatural Senses
  • If the leader has been gone for over a year, (as well as anyone with a rank higher than you) players can now assume leadership of their group

Bug Fixes
  • Generator fuel won't be used up when the generator isn't running
  • Spraypaint and power plant notices weren't working
  • Fixed worn off messages happening before actions
  • Fixed the password recovery
  • The message for vampires being taken out of hiding when the power is turned on wasn't showing up
  • Armor wasn't working correctly
  • Cell phones wouldn't work if kept in the top slot
  • Infectious Spew wasn't actually infecting people

Known Issues
  • Sounds and notices may sometimes disappear before they should

Hell Rising Announcements / Updoot
« on: 03:13:07 PM 11/14/14 »
Since I messed around with a lot of things in this update I fully expect lots of bugs, so please report any you find on the forum.

  • Human skill, "Craftsmanship" - Enables higher skill crafting recipes and shows hints for recipes.
  • Zombie skill, "Snap Attack" - Gives a chance to bite multiple times.
  • Various weapon improvements
  • Various NPC "improvements"

  • Being killed by an NPC zombie or vampire will now always change you into the respective race
  • Dazed accuracy changes will now show up on weapon list
  • You will get credit from someone dying of Burning, etc instead of just Infection
  • Fires should die out if there's nothing left to burn
  • There is now an indicator for fires on the map (might change how this looks)
  • Weapons can now be found with ammo already in them
  • Dying while infected should always turn you into a zombie
  • Crafting list now sorts recipe items alphabetically

Bug Fixes
  • Hopefully squashed Dazed not going away bug for good (Probably just made a whole bunch more bugs in the process)
  • If you have more than one condition it should now give a message after actions for each of them
  • Giving a loaded weapon to someone won't make the ammo mysteriously disappear anymore

Known Issues
  • Ammo filter may not work entirely correctly now due to weapon changes

Hell Rising Announcements / Update
« on: 04:50:57 PM 09/17/14 »
  • If you're level 5 or over you can now give items to someone who isn't considered an enemy
  • A crafting system has been added. New recipes and skills will be continue to be added.

  • Damaging things such as barricades will give people more notice

Bug Fixes
  • Track Prey wasn't working in most (all?) situations
  • Eating was removing all effects and wasn't supposed to
  • Areas such as the fort should show the state of the building again
  • Effects like Dazed should now wear off
  • There are some more bug fixes but I forgot what :P

Hell Rising Announcements / Some sort of update
« on: 04:31:54 PM 01/06/14 »
Hopefully I've set it to reload the CSS so people won't have map problems. BUT I BET THEY STILL WILL AAAA :bleed:

  • Humans can now find and erect fences to try and hinder the undead horde

Bug Fixes
  • The drop confirmation popup message now sounds better
  • Most effect messages when attacking or being attacked should now come after the attack message
  • Notices for people destroying barricades, etc. probably weren't showing up
  • Attacking barricades, generators, and televisions had some bugs having to do with effects
  • Extra healing in hospitals should only work when the power is on
  • Couldn't see fires or repair places that are "inside only"

Known Issues
  • Some effect messages are still wonky and show up before the event text
  • Fences can be put up between 'connected' tiles, ie schools, which looks silly

Hell Rising Announcements / Status Effects Update
« on: 09:33:52 PM 12/16/13 »
  • Better status effects system to allow for more than just infection
  • Added ability to ignore group invites in Edit Profile
  • Added toggle for drop confirmation in Edit Profile

  • Added fire starting to the anti-alt abuse system
  • Dropping items now has a confirmation popup
  • Fires will now damage generators and televisions if they are big enough
  • Added infection damage to more actions
  • You will now receive kill credit for someone dying of an infection
  • Event and discussion history of accounts inactive for 60+ days will be cleared
  • Added basic human test to registration page to try and prevent more bots from signing up
  • Skeletons removed from game

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed Restack Inventory button showing drop confirmation box
  • Fixed being able to drag people out through closed doors and barricades
  • Fixed names when dragging
  • Fixed displaying the user's ID number instead of their name in certain situations
  • Fixed Spew uninfecting people instead of infecting them
  • Latching on won't immediately lose hold
  • Fixed moan and scream causing other people to become visible
  • Avoid saying you "died" when you use Lunge

Known Issues
  • Drop confirmation text looks wrong for dropping stacked items
  • Some event text may look weird due to things
  • Some messages may be in the wrong order

Hell Rising Announcements / Small update
« on: 04:55:56 PM 11/21/13 »
New Feature
  • Added ability to toggle throwing away unusable items when using the search filter

  • Increased AP cost for standing up

Bug Fixes
  • Some power / television stuff wasn't working as intended
  • Blood Thirst was adding its damage twice
  • Hopefully fixed the wrong names being used for NPCs on the same tile
  • Spew command won't show up if there's nobody around
  • Enter/Exit buttons won't show up if the tile is barricaded and you can't get in

Hell Rising Announcements / Things
« on: 06:19:02 PM 11/14/13 »
Here are some updates from the past few days.
If you find any bugs, please report them on the forum at

  • Added a Climb Out option for humans when the building is heavily barricaded

  • AP regen rate has been doubled
  • Many actions will now remove your hidden status
  • Switched to using action.php so that refreshing the page won't repeat your actions
  • Got rid of locking for now in favor of a different anti-abuse system
  • Fires will now do damage to barricades if they are big enough

  • Fixed default weapon selection for undead
  • Strength in Numbers should now actually work
  • Rend Flesh will now calculate double damage on attack rather than page load
  • Weapon / heal item / target selection now 'sticks' again like it used to
  • If you die from fire as a vampire you will no longer turn into a zombie
  • Fixed up some instances of infection / fire damage not working... probably more out there
  • Fixed up a variable mix up with healing, now being inside a hospital will give +2 base healing as intended a long time ago
  • Fixed the "phantom" fire killing everyone who was alive and inside a building

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