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Entertainment / I'm learning myself to photoshop.
« on: 11:15:00 AM 01/06/16 »

My attempt

Hell Rising / I swear it was like that when I got here.
« on: 07:17:24 PM 12/30/15 »
NPC_Type 'nobody' not found. Check error logs for more information. Dec 20, 5:55 PM


Hell Rising / A long time ago...
« on: 01:36:25 AM 11/07/15 »
Slimebeast once opened up the floor to crafting ideas but the thread was derailed and he closed/locked it down tighter than a nuns.....habit.

I'd like to open up a thread asking for crafting idea suggestion again because I have some I'd like to pitch.

If the thread gets too far off topic, I'll delete the shitposts.

I'm trying to build the 'first?citation needed' cement wall. I've gotten 4 Cinder Blocks and the advanced crafting skill but no recipe is showing up. Can you help me please.?

Theta sits down next to your corpse, she tucks her knees in and wraps her arms around them, then begins humming.

» You muster up all your strength and stand with a groan.
» You are about to feast upon some nearby corpses when you are suddenly repelled by the strong smell of chemicals.

~^X^~ says: B'aaaargngnhaaaa

Also here: A Mantis Armored Vehicle.

~^X^~ says: Gnnnaarrrg

You whack a Mantis Armored Vehicle with your Cricket Bat for 0 damage.

JJon says: Hhhrrrrrnnnggggg.

Theta: Oh... the MANTIS are back..

JJon says: HhRAhnnhg!

~^X^~ says: Welcome to the first meeting of flesh eaters anonymous
~^X^~: Hi, my name is X and it's been 20 minutes since I nibbled on an NPC.
Theta: Hi, my name is Theta and I'm tired of getting shot by armored vehicles.
~^X^~: My zombie compatriot is here and he says hi as well.
~^X^~: Has MANTIS been getting you down? Are you finding it harder and harder to catch a good meal?
~^X^~: Do people tend to hide inside more often lately?
~^X^~: Hunt MANTIS, before MANTIS HUNTS YOU!
~^X^~: (paid for by the Way of One)
Theta: Great ad's on the Walkies!

You try to slaughter a Mantis Armored Vehicle with your Machete but miss. (3 times)

A Mantis Armored Vehicle blasts you with its mounted gun for 10 damage to your chest, your Kevlar Vest absorbing 1 damage. You die.

Lambda: Hi my name is lambda and welcome to Jackass.

Entertainment / Woman caught masturbating in Walmart
« on: 03:57:45 PM 11/01/15 »
<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

Entertainment / Interesting science.
« on: 11:57:40 PM 10/31/15 »
<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

The Slime Pit / Youtube
« on: 11:48:53 AM 10/31/15 »
At the end of the ToS Youtube video ----------> <a href="" target="_blank"></a> you have an outro screen with what looks like a sub link and 4 offsite links (scary games, retro games etc.)

Why they no link anywhere?

Hell Rising / Thingy
« on: 11:17:33 PM 10/30/15 »
Is there a thingy happening in HR right now with the Necronids :lookaround:

What are they and where did they come from?

Hell Rising / Vicious cycle of life
« on: 05:01:02 PM 10/30/15 »
You slash a Zombie Wretch with your Claws for 8 damage to the chest and lose 1 HP due to your infection. Everything begins to go dark as you start to feel numb and cold. You die. They die.
» You muster up all your strength and stand with a groan.

Hell Rising / Vampire killed me with his hands
« on: 03:23:37 PM 10/30/15 »
(Started as a zombie)

A Vampire Wretch claws you with their talons for 10 damage to your neck. You die.

(Now a vampire)

No bite equals no vampire, right?

General Discussion / I found an eyepatch
« on: 10:40:57 AM 10/29/15 »
<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

Hell Rising / Wiki Questions
« on: 01:20:53 AM 10/29/15 »
How do I mark pages for deletion/removal consideration?

Hell Rising / Human heart
« on: 07:01:54 PM 10/27/15 »
Human Hearts can be found in several locations. Does the Human Heart have a greater chance to be found in specific locations over others amongst the locations that it is found in?

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