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Hell Rising / 2022
« on: 02:48:30 PM 08/28/22 »
Hi Mo, Mams and whoever else is here to read. Hope you're all doing well and having fun, So many good times here 8)

General Discussion / Punk Musics!!!
« on: 06:06:55 PM 07/09/20 »
It is I! I'm still alive lol and here to hopefully promote a few bands if Mo shall allow it this place looks kinda dead :(

Any way here goes, These guys are awesome, And if you end up liking them and wanting to help support them with getting some merch stickers/shirts/patches/whatnot or booking them to play just let me know :)

Thanks for reading/listening have a great day!

Hell Rising / Food For Thought?
« on: 03:51:29 AM 09/26/16 »
I should post this in suggestions but... Too late, And if this has been suggested before, Chalk it up to my laziness of skimming the forum :p

What if the undead got maybe 1 or two crafts, Say for example a zombie could get flesh from their victims and with some rotted meat craft rotten sammiches?

No ideas on a vampire craftable.

Hell Rising / Greatest Glitch Ever!
« on: 12:58:43 AM 04/30/16 »
So in the middle of joint hunting a nefarious one, I found with the help of a zombie named Nexus the greatest glitch ever!

Basically it allows vampires (maybe humans too) to hide outside!!!!

It needs perfect timing to pull off between a vampire (maybe human) with hang/hide and a zombie with the drag skill. All you have to do is hide at the exact moment you are dragged out and bam! You are hiding outside, And apparently untouchable, Only able to be seen when found. Ha!  :batman:

Edit: On this character, building is a total disaster, lights are out umm... I'm a vamp at 20 HP thats all the vital info I suppose.

Edit #2: 95% credit of this discovery goes to Nexus for dragging me out at that exact moment.

General Discussion / Big Feets
« on: 08:16:34 PM 04/20/16 »

I just found this cruising youtube, Thought you might get a kick out of it Mo if you havent already seen it.  :abducted:

Hell Rising / Update Bugs!
« on: 04:29:10 PM 06/07/15 »
Inventory seems to be broken with no access to walkies... so no one can complain... Haha Good one

General Discussion / Ash Vs. Evil Dead?
« on: 09:59:22 AM 12/15/14 »
Rumored to be hitting screens next year as a new show in the Starz! original content vein. Said to be a ten episode series, thirty minutes a pop, With Bruce Campbell reprising his role as Ash, backed by Sam Raimi and Robert Tapert. :awesome:

General Discussion / Favorite Dead Movie?
« on: 04:20:41 PM 06/13/14 »
I'm posting this in hopes of learning about some undead movies I haven't seen or heard of that are good watches, I really have not kept up with the horror game so I really have no idea whats out there now. So please list your favorites and if at all possible a little bit of the story so readers will know what they are getting into... GO! :D

General Discussion / The Raven
« on: 05:45:45 PM 05/11/14 »
Released 2012 by Fox.

Now I may be a little biased in this as I've always been a huge fan of Poe's literature, So I loved this film. Perfectly quoting his works as well as intertwining quotes into dialouge between the characters. Cusack knocked the role of Poe out of the park, With interesting characters/actors for him to play off of. The atmosphere of the film never changed as well from the laughable to serious moments, The cinematography was very pleasing to the eye. So all in all I suggest this for your viewing pleasure, Especially if you are a fan of his work as I.

In response to Creature of Evil Pies request: Knock Knock 2, I watched a few previews and I could not really even sit through those. I throw films like these into a catagory I liked to call "Blair Witch Activity" many films such as Knock Knock have came down the drain since then all with only a change in a few details in the synopsis, So you sir or madam where correct I could not watch.

Hell Rising / The Ultimate Suggestion!
« on: 12:45:50 AM 05/02/14 »
Hello all, Haters please check yourself at the the door then break yoself!

Mo! Oh holy one it is I a humble follower asking of you what it is you desire from your community of misfits and lunatics, How can we bring your attention and interest back to a game still loved by many, How can I bringeth the banhammer's return to smiting us? O r atleast  a "Hello" in game? :p

General Discussion / Grizzly Rage -_-
« on: 11:44:46 AM 04/23/14 »
Steer clear of this one folks, One of those films where you can only stand watching about 20 minutes of it because of the main characters utter stupidity.

Its about a group of college students? who decide to go camping in bear country, They hit a grizzly cub on the way in and that is when the dumbness starts and does not let up, First one of the group is I guess killed by the bear and another injured by it only to be fine 5 minutes later as they run/drive deeper into bear country,  I could'nt watch the whole movie after a 10 minute montage of them pulling their wrecked vehicle back on the road before even checking to see if it would start.

The only props to be given were of the stock footage of the bear that I saw.

General Discussion / The Midnight Horror Collection
« on: 07:37:51 AM 04/18/14 »
Distributed by Echo Bridge Entertainment, These DvD sets are comprised mostly of Full Moon Entertainment films and has atleast 1 movie in them for whatever type of horror you prefer, I've collected quite a bit of these over the years and havent been let down yet. Providing hours of viewing pleasure. Notable mentions are the Evil Bong series, Lurking Fear, Demonic Toys series, And a bunch of others really too many to name.

General Discussion / GWARBQ 2014
« on: 10:49:36 PM 04/16/14 »
Hadads Lake, Richmond VA

Another great musician and man passed away March 23rd 14. He touched the hearts and no no places of people around the world as Oderus Urungus of GWAR. One of the last things he posted was "The Gwar-BQ is on!" and the band is graciously granting that last wish in a 2 day debauchery fest at a redneck water park! August 15/16 the 15th schedualed as a public memorial for the late great with details and lineup still to come. Stay tuned.

General Discussion / The Last Man On Earth
« on: 02:30:17 PM 04/16/14 »
Going to clog this section up starting with one my recently found new favorites. Found this gem in a zombie collection DvD called The Dead Walking or something like that this being its center piece.

Vincent Price stars in this zombie/vampire/disease black and white film as well you guessed it the last man on earth being immune to the disease that has wiped out the rest of humanity, That's all I'm saying as it is worth watching at least when your bored, enjoy.

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