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Hell Rising / Enough...
« on: 04:45:00 PM 05/30/14 »
Lately I've not been around much, because frankly, when I am? I'm appalled. I don't want to play this game anymore, and it is because of the people here. I watched someone get offended because someone was shouting "Nigger" in the shout box. I then watched other people (Zman) stand up for that behavior. I've watched people camp and kill people over and over again, and generally just behave like assholes.

Not my idea of a good time. Not my idea of people I want to spend time with.

There are people on this game that I'll miss, but frankly, I think the time for HR is past. It is overrun by howling, shrieking, little beasts who are only here to fling shit and concern themselves more with destroying people's enjoyment of the game rather than any real love of the game itself.

I wish they could've seen this game in its heyday. When 40 online and active players defended the fort against swarms of active undead. When TK'ers were chased across the grid in real time hunts. The game was great. Technically, it still is. However the players no longer live up to the premise.

Oddly, for all that I've butted heads? I don't number Akhart among them. He's actually settled down and has been playing. But me? I'm done. I've been around for 7 years but enough is enough. I urge other old-timers to join me. This isn't our game anymore. You can pretend that it is, that alliances mean something, that despite in game rivalries it is just a friendly place, but we all know that isn't true. That isn't true at all...

You folks win. You have succeeded in destroying my enjoyment of the game. You have driven me off, and I'm not coming back. I deal with the IRS for a living, I'm not going to hang out here and deal with a bunch of children too. Now you can all jump in this thread with your "hur-hur" comments. I don't care, I don't have to read them.

Hell Rising / A Modest Proposal
« on: 10:07:31 PM 02/22/14 »
Look, the player base is pretty small right now and Fences and Fires have started to be used as weapons to simply drive other players away. While they are, in concept, fantastic, I think that they are a bit detrimental with a smaller player base, at least as things currently stand.

While I'm not asking that they be eliminated entirely, perhaps there is a way that the use of these actions could be scaled back? Perhaps fires are easier to suppress and Fences take many more AP to erect? Maybe both just cost more AP? The point is, we need a limiting factor in play here to reduce the problems caused by overuse of these actions on a small player base.

There are groups on both sides that are wielding these activities as weapons to totally ruin the enjoyment of other player races. It isn't fun to have the entire grid ablaze, it isn't fun to sit up in a sea of unending fences.

I remember this game when it was packed. I remember logging in to hordes of zombies 100 strong attacking Fort Howard. I'd love to see things like that again. However, when new players are dropped into unending fences, or fire everywhere, why are they going to play.

Since neither side seems all that trusting that the other side will moderate their actions I ask that it be considered that action be taken on a code level so that we can get back to actively playing the game rather than dealing with the mass alt-wars that are going on everywhere.

Billy Bubba
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Hell Rising / Enough Fences Already
« on: 12:58:53 AM 02/21/14 »
It looks like someone has individually fenced in the squares of about 1/4 of the city.

Enough is enough...come on!

With the recent discovery (ouch) of a burning building, I noticed that I could not use the fire extinguisher to put out the flames. This seemed like a real missed opportunity and left me wondering how fires ARE supposed to be put out.

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