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Entertainment / I'm learning myself to photoshop.
« on: 11:15:00 AM 01/06/16 »

My attempt

Hell Rising / Re: Suggestions
« on: 12:51:04 PM 12/31/15 »
You already knew that, and since your a big fan of boobs I guess that makes me your favorite person!

Hell Rising / Re: Suggestions
« on: 09:04:12 AM 12/31/15 »
No, my plan is to keep promising crazy things that might get people excited, so that eventually as time goes on, they realize that they won't actually be added, and cry.


If I have to throw boobs after boobs to entice you to do it, you can be damn sure I'll do it.

I just need to find some boobs that won't be missed...*heads to the graveyard with a butcher knife*


Hell Rising / Re: I swear it was like that when I got here.
« on: 09:02:44 AM 12/31/15 »
It was a zed soldier and I didn't know you or Mams did the thing with the thing to make it the thing.

I like it, now I know how much I can do with what weapons.

Hell Rising / I seem to have misplaced my damages
« on: 10:37:43 PM 12/30/15 »


Hell Rising / I swear it was like that when I got here.
« on: 07:17:24 PM 12/30/15 »
NPC_Type 'nobody' not found. Check error logs for more information. Dec 20, 5:55 PM


Hell Rising / Re: Suggestions
« on: 11:47:37 PM 12/29/15 »
So the majority of your vocal population wants a fourth race? (Cause I'd like it too)

Is there a way to work this into the game or is that a hard coded not possible?

Hell Rising / Re: Krampus Drops...
« on: 12:57:15 AM 12/10/15 »
With the effort required to track it down, the several deaths it takes to kill (assuming it's a fresh spawn) and the rarity of the boss itself (one time a year for a limited period of time), you would think it might have something worth while for a drop. An incentive to kill it.

Some ideas tossed around this house when I told the roomie about the boss;

-Higher accuracy weapon that does worth while damage or status effects that work
(melee, 35% base accuracy, 5-9 Dmg or Ranged, 35% base accuracy, 5-9
-Huge healing cache - Krampus has to heal all the beatings he's taking somehow
-A crafting use for the trash he drops
-Access to a Krampus Village (small area with unique search finds, players respawn on the main map when the event is over of if they get killed)
-A cock rub and an attaboy
-Since it's based off the scroll guardian, have him drop a scroll...that has the names of all the good girls and boys, the list looks awful empty.
-Your home phone number
-Your ex-GFs phone number
-a naked photo of a cat
-a Krampus-mobile - allows movement in a straight line for 2-3 tiles for 1 AP, runs on gas
-A Rocket Launcher with Rockets
-A sniper rifle that targets 1 tile away
-A crafting recipe guide book listing all 3 of the crafting recipes you've actually put into the game
(seriously, you advertise crafting on the FB page but there's nearly none of it that's been found)
-A god damn fucking joint, I man seriously...Someone in the game has to be holding.
-Reinforcements for building barricades, so the barricades can only be brought down with explosives (only need one explosion to turn back to EHB)

I've given a good list (some joke, some not) of directions you could have gone. I know you and Mams have always been fairly "DON'T TELL ME WHAT TO DO!" about the game but where's the carrot? All I see with Krampus is a stick.

Hell Rising / Re: Krampus Drops...
« on: 02:28:22 AM 12/09/15 »
(This post is dripping with sarcasm, please dress accordingly)


I just got Broken Toy (x6). They're awesome because they have a [Play] use. … You play with a Broken Toy.


Not saying your seasonal boss is crap Mo and Mammon but your seasonal boss is possibly one of the worst I've seen in video game history. To me it looks like a reskin of the scroll guardian minus a useful drop.

Entertainment / Re: Hypothetical Super Band...
« on: 12:55:27 PM 11/19/15 »
I'll jump in,

Axl Rose - Lead Vocals, Supersonic screech voice.

Hell Rising / Re: A long time ago...
« on: 12:44:30 AM 11/12/15 »
To eventually be able to make our own explosives. Make shift grenades, make shift land mines.

We might be stuck in the city for eternity as immortals but that doesn't mean we cant learn how to improvise.

I figured we have access to guns, ammo and explosives already. However I can't take out a warchophagus within a reasonable amount of time(several full AP rounds) but I can take out a soldier or two in the same AP. I also know gunpowder (or black powder) can be reclaimed from bullets if you cut the tip off.

If I can make explosives from flares, fertilizer and deisel irl, why can't I do better with things I can find in game.

Hell Rising / Re: A long time ago...
« on: 04:46:06 PM 11/09/15 »
Recipe for item: Pile of Gunpowder

5 Pistol Clip + Saw = Tiny Pile of Gun Powder

6 Rifle Clip + Saw = Small Pile of Gun Powder

4 Shotgun Shells + Saw = Pile of Gun Powder

Switch it around to whatever suits the need best, the gist is bullets plus saw = gun powder.

I thought of that but nothing we showing up with the skill. I tried chains, nails, welding mask, different helmets and now I need some help.

I'm insanely strong and too stupid to know it's something heavy.

Next recipe I need help with.

Death Head/helmet

I'm sure I have all the materials I need to make it but nothing shows up. That makes me think there's a prerequisite crafting that I'm missing.

Since the Death Head/helmet won't work without it and no one has found another crafting that fits, what crafted item am I missing?

Hell Rising / A long time ago...
« on: 01:36:25 AM 11/07/15 »
Slimebeast once opened up the floor to crafting ideas but the thread was derailed and he closed/locked it down tighter than a nuns.....habit.

I'd like to open up a thread asking for crafting idea suggestion again because I have some I'd like to pitch.

If the thread gets too far off topic, I'll delete the shitposts.

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