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Slimy Stories / Re: Whimsywood
« on: 11:19:17 AM 02/22/16 »
even now this story evokes an emotional response from me

General Discussion / Re: Don't Hug Me, I'm Scared
« on: 06:51:47 PM 01/27/15 »

enjoy #3 guys lol

General Discussion / Shaye Saint John
« on: 08:04:29 AM 04/25/14 »
I'm sure everyone here has been on the internet for long enough to know about Shaye, but since there's no topic for it, allow me.

...and the site is here. Pretty fun to explore when you're bored.

General Discussion / Pencil Face
« on: 08:45:49 PM 02/06/14 »
has someone mentioned this already?? also im back from the dead, hey.

Slimy Stories / Re: Abandoned by Disney
« on: 08:44:27 PM 12/14/13 »

Slimy Stories / Re: 60 Second War
« on: 07:02:08 PM 12/09/13 »
Awesome pasta! But I don't understand the end. Care to expand on the meaning of the ending?

I'm not Mo so I can't offer a Word-Of-God answer to this(lol pun), but it was to my understanding that the thing that was explained to be angry was God. Maybe I might be stating the obvious though, just thought I'd pitch in my two cents.

General Discussion / Re: What are you listening to?
« on: 10:29:18 PM 12/06/13 »
more shitty japanime junks that ala is obsessed with


holla to the shellac up there tho

General Discussion / Re: what ya reading ?
« on: 07:21:18 PM 12/05/13 »
wit is water ship down the one were the dog is trying to get the hunters attention and he steps on the trigger of the gun and accidently blows the hunters brains out? cause that's the movie im talking about.

noooo idea dude the literal only thing i know is whatever my mom would say about it, and not even that because i stopped listening years ago. :0

General Discussion / Re: what ya reading ?
« on: 05:12:22 PM 12/05/13 »
oh god what theres an animation???

my mom LOVES that book and whenever she'd mention it she'd start going on about... whomp-whomps? or something? and i refuse to read it because of that.


Hell Rising / Re: Barricades - Something's gotta give
« on: 02:38:43 PM 12/05/13 »
--why is death supposed to be prevented more.  this is a post apocalypic game.  everyone dies

I don't mean to intrude on this whole thing but THAT'S THE GOAL. THE WHOLE GOAL IF YOU'RE HUMAN(and I guess want to stay that way) IS TO NOT DIE. Yeah, deaths are definitely not permanent and everyone dies at some point, but where's the fun in going around recklessly not caring either way? That's the whole point is to avoid death if/where you can. 

??? Maybe I'm missing something.

General Discussion / Re: Dumb Forum Game: 2 True, 1 Lie
« on: 09:15:20 PM 12/04/13 »
It's gotta be car.

actually no

my ex-step-grandfather owned an autoshop when i was little and in it was one of those things that lifts the car up high so that people can work on the undercarriage, but his broke and i was standing right next to it and almost got squished by someones wrecked up ride :0

General Discussion / Re: Dumb Forum Game: 2 True, 1 Lie
« on: 08:52:12 PM 12/04/13 »
Screw rules it's mine.

Once I was almost crushed by a christmas tree.
Once I was almost crushed by a car.
Once I was almost crushed by a wall.

123 GO!

General Discussion / Re: Introduce yourself
« on: 09:52:30 PM 12/03/13 »

General Discussion / Re: I think it's the doll
« on: 06:41:46 PM 12/03/13 »
you only posted just to prove me wrong, I am still right though because I was talking about the ones who posted in this thread before I made that post.

D: Foiled again!

General Discussion / Re: I think it's the doll
« on: 06:12:48 PM 12/03/13 »
I like how all except slimebeasts avatar face to the right


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