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Hell Rising / Re: Is that it?
« on: 11:43:01 PM 10/11/20 »
Shit might be fucked, I just used Replace All a bunch.
Seems to be mostly okay, though.

Rejoice, because it might be a little bit more before it's completely dead.

Hell Rising / Re: Is that it?
« on: 08:09:43 PM 10/11/20 »
You still have the same gmail? Or should I use the one.

Hell Rising / Re: Is that it?
« on: 08:08:05 PM 10/09/20 »
Ehh, maybe I'll look at it sometime, if I can find it on my old PC.

Hell Rising / Re: Is that it?
« on: 01:52:57 PM 10/05/20 »
I'm more concerned about giving out a database full of emails and (potentially) passwords.

But yeah... I was gonna say, instead of trying to keep the past alive you might as well try to make something new.
Although I realize that if anybody who was a fan had the ability and time to do so they probably would have done it already given how dead it's been for years.

Hell Rising / Re: Is that it?
« on: 10:08:25 PM 10/03/20 »
Ah, yeah, updating PHP would definitely do it.

Even years ago there were tons of deprecation errors that would've been a hassle to get them all but it still worked at the time so it didn't seem necessary to fix them.

Oh well, lol.

Hell Rising / Re: Is that it?
« on: 02:27:30 PM 10/03/20 »
At first I thought it was just fucked up since initially none of his sites would load but yeah now I figure it was deliberate.
Although why he didn't at least put up a message like he did for Scroll Wars, I have no idea.

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