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on: 02:06:06 AM 10/06/13
A few months ago, I found a "free shipping" coupon code for Think Geek. I used the opportunity to pick up a cheap little bag of "Army Men" with a twist...

Zombies vs. Zombie Hunters!

The package was as advertised, and contained five unique Humans and five unique Zombies in a whopping batch of 35 figures! Plenty of doubles for plenty of... uh, fun?

Oddly enough, they're marked as a Previews Exclusive... "Previews" being the catalogue for Diamond Distribution. Apparently that exclusivity wasn't honored. :)

Let's take a look at these guys! The green zombie figures were INCREDIBLY hard to photograph without looking like they were radiating a nuclear glow. This seems to be a common problem.

The Zombie Hunters

Ol' Bubba here is fixin' to plant that axe in some undead brains. I give this guy maybe 24 hours before he's zombie chow.

A step up from Bubba (most likely his cousin), Jethro's goin' after them undeads with his trusty crossbow. I'm not sure when, specifically, these toys were originally produced - so some of these could theoretically be nods to The Walking Dead.

The Sheriff! Okay, now we're looking at a real Zombie Hunter. (Sorry, you don't hunt them without the proper firearms.) I like how he appears to have a bucket of ammo by his boot. The dude's in this for the long haul.

Your generic soldier... granted, an effective Zombie Hunter - but you get tons of this guy with a normal Army Men set!

I'm not sure if this young lady is holding a dagger or a stake. I'll assume it's a stake, and she's actually "Muffy the Zombie Slayer". If she has supernatural Zombie-Killing abilities, then yeah go ahead and use a stake even if it makes no sense whatsoever.

Enough of those meatbags...

The Zombies!

Dude reminds me of Guybrush. He fills the standard "Zombie eating an arm" role so often seen in these sorts of figures.

Here's the cliché zombie you see everywhere. You know, I'm starting to think we don't need the token generic zed in these sets anymore... there's nothing interesting about this dude.


Points for the slick outfit, but beyond that this dude's nothing special. Again.

Adorable. You can't see it very well in the photo, but she almost has a decaying Glasgow Smile. I really like the detail on the tattered clothing, and the pose is great (not just the standard "blargh"). She'd be the overall winner in my estimation if not for one thing...


Please Note: This zombie is carring a leg more like a weapon than a snack, it appears to be dressed in a lab coat, and though it's clearly male, the zombie's hair is in pigtails. The back of his head is sculpted with such detail that you can clearly see the hair pulled into those tails.



These are pretty cool, and the detail is nice though the photos don't do that justice. (Especially the green little bastards.) However, I wasn't really happy with the purchase in the end. I was going to actually return these to Think Geek, but I didn't feel like going through the ordeal for a couple bucks.

Why wasn't I thrilled with them?

A bunch of them don't do the one thing little army men are supposed to do...


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