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on: 11:01:56 PM 01/16/13

I first encountered these awesome little undead freaks in a grocery store Gumball Machine. My eye was immediately caught by the word "Zombie" as I passed, and upon further inspection it only got better.

Put out by "Hoppin Hydros" in 2011, these miniature zombie figures remind me a lot of the "Homies" and "Psycho Clowns", the latter of which I collected quite obsessively.

The Zombie Planet figures are rigid plastic and come with detailed, grotesque paint application! These are very nice and well-made for vending machine fodder. On average they're about an inch tall and are adorably grungy-looking.

Instead of wasting the coinage hoping I got all the right figures, I immediately headed to eBay and spent about $5 on a complete set. I'd suggest doing the same if you want these, as they're probably not out in the wild any longer.

Now let's explore the characters... Top 10 style!

09.) Dead Zone Dave doesn't look much like a zombie. He has this whole "Corporate Drone" thing going for him.

08.) Decay Ray looks a bit like a butler. I want to say he's a reference to the Rocky Horror Picture Show because he looks like Riff-Raff and his name could possibly be a play on "Fay Rae". He'd be higher on the list if I knew for sure.

07.) Rigamortis Rick is pretty awesome, but I can't for the life of me figure out why a Doctor has a run-over foot. Ambulence, I guess?

06.) Brain-Dead Britney has a severed head instead of a pom-pom! Britney, that's not what those are for! Silly. Interestingly enough, this would later seem to inspire an almost identical S.L.U.G.S. figure.

05.) Surf Rot Sean is having a bad day.

04.) Stop N Grind Greg, I have no idea what your name means, but you're fantastic. Don't ever change, no matter what anyone tells you.

03.) Zombie the Clown ... HA!

02.) Gross-Out Granny has an oversized wooden spoon, and she's about to rap you on the kuckles because you didn't eat all your braaaiiinnz!

01.) Long-Gone John is your typical rotten zombie wretch. You could theoretically buy a hundred of him and make your own undead seige! Kudos to the makers of this toy for providing a "classic" zombie among their unique designs.


The Zombie Planet figures also come in single color versions! ... For some reason!

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on: 03:06:47 PM 12/01/13
omg, I want these. I never saw these :(  Jeez Im addicted to gumball toys, its kind of an addiction. Ive really loved the bok choy boys and squishland toys, if it looks cute/and or evil I must have it. Recently I did win a "Zombie High Cheerleader" from a plush machine. I guess it was a whole series of zombie highschoolers, but I couldnt get any of the others but her

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