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Title: Fearsome Flush, the Creepiest Crapper Ever!
Post by: Slimebeast on 01:16:14 AM 01/01/13
"This is a normal, everyday plastic toy commode."





No 1980s property was quite as skilled at scarring young minds as Ghostbusters. We previously focused on the bungcentric Tombstone Tackle (http://, but the asstasticness of that figure pales in comparison to this fecal fright, the illogically scatological Fearsome Flush!

This... this isn't REALLY a thing, right?

Yup. That's a posessed john with a giant tongue that springs out when (and where) you'd least want it to. I could elaborate on the reasons for this placement of the oral muscle, but... well, I feel dirty enough having said "oral muscle".

If you're at all familiar with the toys reviews, you'd reasonably expect that parents filled their pants with Fearsome-Flush-Food at the sight of this "disgusting", "awful", and "freakin' fantastic" toy.

Parents back then often lacked what I like to call any semblance of a soul.

How much did kids adore Fearsome Flush and his miraculous little purple poop-nose? How much do people still love Fearsome Flush? Suffice to say, I still have mine and according to Google apparently so do a lot of other man-children.

Perhaps the best part about the figure was its insane "transforming" ability. It rolled on a set of tiny wheels, which in turn caused the facial features to reveal and conceal themselves repeatedly. Like a game of peek-a-boo for horribly lonely children.

So what I'm saying is that you could, theoretically, roll this across your desk while periodically shouting: "GIMME ALL YA DUMPLINS" in a demented, gruff, decidedly Scottish voice. What I'm also saying is that I do, not-theoretically, make a point of doing this all the damned time.

I can't imagine this helped any children with pre-existing toilet issues. It's nice that you've convinced little Bobby it's completely safe to use the can, Mommy... however, allow the creative minds with Ghostbusters to offer a sensible counter-point... BOBBY - YOU ARE GOING TO F*CKING DIE AT YOUR MOST VULNERABLE AND EMBARASSING MOMENT. WE'RE ADULTS AND WE KNOW THESE HORRIBLE THINGS.


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Check out Fearsome Flush and many other notable one-off Ghostbusters characters as rendered by Dan Schoening!

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