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Title: Catch "A" Monster... if you "can"!
Post by: Slimebeast on 01:38:37 AM 05/20/13
Ensnare 'em, Ensnare 'em, Havta Ensnare 'em all, CATCH "A" MONSTER!

Confused? I can understand why. Like many horrible, horrible man-children, I enjoy finding bootleg or otherwise "odd" toys in dollar stores and the like. There's something so enchanting about finding pieces of crap someone half-assed just to make a buck at the expense of an established brand.

All the better if they actually succeed on their own as legitimately cool toys!

Meet the Catch "A" Monsters...


Sold seperately, these toys are each about two inches at their longest points be it vertical or horizontal. They had no names on the packages, and yes, the quotation marks in the name Catch "A" Monster were right there on the boxes.

(Boxes I didn't save because this was around the year 2000 or so and I hadn't yet fully blossomed as a jerkwad.)

I found these in a dollar store and bought a set. Actually, I bought two sets and stupidly gave the second away in a raffle to promote something nobody cared about anyway. (The theme was that all the prizes were cheap dollar store knock-offs.)

They also came with one Pokeball... er... ORIGINAL ORB each. They have faces and are attached to a stretchy band. They also snap shut, so you can "throw" the Bootlegball, have it snap closed on a monster, and have the thing come back to you on the retracting band. Photos pending.

I learned right away that trying to catch the figures in their orbs is the best way to put creases in your figures from the ball snapping closed.

Let's meet the crew according to my own naming...


Probably the most basic of the group, Horndog appears to be... a dog with horns. Admittedly, I haven't seen many green canines, so that's pretty special.


Raadvark is some kind of Aardvark with Rad Sunglasses. If he had a special attack, it would probably involve walking away from an explosion without looking back.


The ancient mummy/alien/thing with a glowing face. The better to draw you into his tomb with.


Is it displaying its teeth as a threat? A sign of friendship? ... Are those even its own teeth, or has it done something nefarious with Grandma?


It's Sledgehog, the giggling, spiky, living battering ram! NO BARRIER SHALL RESIST THE WILL OF THE SLEDGEHOG.


Part Whale! Part Walrus! 100% Party Animal! He's an aquatic air breather who's about to knock the wind out of you!

I'm pretty sure the "Sledgehog" is a Bulbasaur ripoff. Could "Whalerus" be one of the seal Pokemon? I find the majority of their designs completely banal, like "Horndog". Not much creative elbow grease there.

However, I'm glad I picked these up. The handful that I really like would've made this one of those "ones that got away", as I've not seen their uncanny little faces on shelves since!

Title: Re: Catch "A" Monster... if you "can"!
Post by: Kraufen on 09:08:01 PM 05/20/13
I kinda want them and I'm not entirely sure why
Title: Re: Catch "A" Monster... if you "can"!
Post by: Slimebeast on 02:16:16 AM 05/21/13
Because they're the best toys and are so fun.

Sorry you can't have them!

*play play play*
Title: Re: Catch "A" Monster... if you "can"!
Post by: Kraufen on 06:22:46 PM 05/21/13
I'll just stay in my corner with my ghostbusters toys
Title: Re: Catch "A" Monster... if you "can"!
Post by: aLa on 10:56:40 PM 11/17/13
These really remind me of a fad toy that found its way through the little gumball machines around here a few years ago. Though they didn't come with any "original orbs" or anything extra at all, really, they looked pretty similar to these. 99% of them were just different-colored alien-looking humanoids, though. Despite that, pretty much everyone in grades 2 to 7 had at least a few.

But then they just stopped showing up in the little machines and suddenly no one wanted theirs anymore. However my friend around then, who was someone who kept pretty much every toy she owned even if she no longer played with them, still had her small little container full of them.

If we were still friends I'd get some pictures, because despite being carbon-copies of each other they were pretty funky and cool looking!
Title: Re: Catch "A" Monster... if you "can"!
Post by: Agent Fusion on 03:01:44 PM 10/14/14
Would you believe that I actually had one of these? It had an orange ball thing, as well as Raadvark and Glosirus.
Title: Re: Catch "A" Monster... if you "can"!
Post by: Slimebeast on 03:16:57 PM 10/14/14
I challenge you to a Catch "A" Monster battle.