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on: 11:40:27 PM 06/19/15
My second Pasta! Hope you all enjoy!
There are no other witness. Just us two. They can never find it. No one knows where it is buried or what happened that dreadful night. I had seen it coming, crossing the street, looking so innocent, like it didn’t know me, like it wasn’t stalking me. It resisted when I first pulled it into the alley. It screamed in a human voice, tricking me into believing that it was human.

But I cleared my thoughts. It could not be human, for it had those eyes, those awful eyes. I took the dagger and plunged it into the body, piercing the heart again and again until the shrieks stopped. My friend looked on in horror, cigarette falling from his lips unnoticed. The gibbering mess of emotion that it contained stains me with a foul stench only I can smell. The blood on my hands refuses to come off.

 I see it, even now, crouching at the foot of the stairs, or under the carpet, peering at me with those doleful eyes. It has such pallid hide now, as though the grave has bleached the color from its skin.It’s eyes are blood, pure blood. The claws, the awful claws… they leave deep scratches in my own skin. I can never let anyone know what has happened. It cannot get out. There cannot be two witnesses. There cannot. There must be only one.
Only one.
note to self: please stop breathing soon