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on: 11:34:31 PM 06/19/15
I have been writing for a couple of years now, and I decided to post a few of my stories here. This one is inspired heavily by Slimebeast's "Note to Whatever," "Minor Corrections," and, most heavily, "A Few Suggestions"

Here ya go!
note to self:visit mom

note to self: call bank

note to self:find cat.

note to self: lock the door at night

note to self:need groceries again

note to self: milk, eggs, butter, salt

note to self:close all windows again

note to self: find source of draft

note to self:need more nails

note to self:find goddamned cat

note to self:fix bedroom door hinges-keep squeaking

note to self:find the cat?

note to self: need groceries!

note to self: eggs, sugar, cereal

note to self:call mom

note to self: GROCERIES!

note to self: need eggs

note to self: more eggs

note to self:find who is stealing eggs

note to self:find cat & eggs

note to self:call MOM

note to self:lock doors again

note to self: put locks on the windows

note to self:WHERE IS THE CAT??

note to self:find the leak in the bathroom

note to self: buy new locks

note to self:buy gun

note to self:call exterminator

note to self:more eggs

note to self: find cat

note to self: buy window panes

note to self: find cat

note to self: clean floor

note to self:running out of paper

note to self: need

note to self: please

note to self: no

note to self: bury cat
note to self: please stop breathing soon