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Title: Wiki Questions
Post by: Priest on 01:20:53 AM 10/29/15
How do I mark pages for deletion/removal consideration?
Title: Re: Wiki Questions
Post by: Kraufen on 06:29:32 PM 10/29/15
Youd have to refer to waka since they are admin. What are you trying to remove?
Title: Re: Wiki Questions
Post by: Priest on 04:27:13 PM 10/31/15
Nothing, the pointless info was preserved.

New wiki issue;

Try looking up Bag of Blood.

I'll save you some time actually, instead of taking you to a page (or even a topical page that might have it on there somewhere) You get three pages of things that aren't Bag of Blood.

This needs to change, if I find something new, I want to be able to type what it is in the wiki search bar and be taken to a page that says what it is, where I can find more, who it affects or helps and what it can be used in. I'd like to see some art or a comic strip about it on the page as well but I'm no where near ready for that yet.

In the mean time, I really want to sort this wiki out because it's not user friendly as it is. Having one massive list broken down into categories is all well and good but if the search feature doesn't actually help me search then the whole thing needs a tweek or two.

I'm dropping y'all a note here before I do anything because it is a group tool, I don't want to take away from anyones hard work and many of you have put quite a bit of effort into it. So let's work together and make the wiki a better version of itself.