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Author Topic: To Hit  (Read 2738 times)

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on: 09:50:35 AM 09/01/13
I've been playing for a little over a day now and found I thoroughly enjoy the game.  There's enough variety and things to do to keep it somewhat interesting.  But there are a couple of issues/concerns I thought I'd bring up.

1) The chance to hit something (like a barricade) seems awfully low.  Currently I'm running a level 4 zombie with a (if I'm reading it right) 70% chance to hit due to level ups.  Yet out of 35 attempts (and counting) to hit a barricade he only managed to hit it 6 times (so far).  Maybe its just horrible luck on my part but there seems to be a bit of an imbalance there.

2) Low level characters simply don't stand a chance when higher level characters decide to attack them.  I understand its survival horror, but you gotta give them something to keep them coming back.  If someone is being constantly attacked and killed without any real way to defend themselves it sort of puts a damper on their desire to keep playing.  This isn't a problem I've had personally but I've got a couple friends this was a HUGE turn off for.

3) The events frame on the Game View doesn't seem to want to refresh.  More often than not this has led to people being outright killed before they even knew they were being attacked by anyone.  That doesn't seem very fair, especially to lower level players who may take two or three hits of anywhere from 16 - 20 damage in rapid succession and be dead before they even know what happened.


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on: 10:32:19 AM 09/01/13
the wiki answers a good deal of your questions: power weapons like sledgehammer take the barricades faster and realistically, how well do you think attacking a barricade with your bare hands would work anyway?

the game view unfortunately does not live refresh, you need to stay active and click game view every now and then in order to refresh the and events and be sure that you'll make it.

most deaths will happen when you arent logged in, so the primary concern would have to be to make use of the wikis guide for every class to survive. for the most part, new players that start of as humans will have the hardest time simply because unlike vamps and zombies, once the human dies it could be a while till they get to be a human again. while the wiki has great tips on starting classes and skills to ensure survival and quick exp as a human, id suggest recommending new players to refer to the wiki with a link on the top of the registration page, something like "hey don't choose youre class yet! this guide for a human/vampire/zombie is guaranteed to keep you alive longer than not reading and has some GREAT starting class tips!"

most characters are screwed from the word go simply because they dont know how to prepare themselves. while the game is pretty unforgiving for most new player's favorite class, the human, ive yet to hear concern that a zombie character was killed because death probably effects those im-too-good-for-rigor-mortis bastards the least. most players dont take death as an opportunity to try a different play style as another class, so id also suggest a message upon a players first death being the "benefits of playing as a zombie/vampire" followed by things like easy hunting or the sudden lack of concern for ones health points, or easy exp from hunting the race people probably register most as.

at the end of the day, though,  expecting things to be easy against a level 15 zombie is asking a bit much, and any player who thinks combat solely based off of fighting other players who probably hit harder and more often than you do would be easy, you're not gonna have a fun time.

also, I always though the vampires ability to sense the presence of others should be nerfed a bit, there was a good reason rangers only had a chance of discovering hidden players simply by crossing the square they landed on in scrollwars. vampires are strong enough already; they probably have the highest attack potential and the one of the best starting weapons and accuracy that they can NEVER lose. What happened to vampires NEEDING to live off of blood? there were good reasons for vamps becoming weak when without a source of blood in literature and movies, to make the superhuman abilities come with a cost. if not, why WOULDNT you want to be a vampire?


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on: 06:38:00 PM 09/01/13
Inanimate objects like Barricades don't take into account the success percentage. That's basically just there to show how well you'll hit a moving target/other player.

It's been a long while, so I'll have to refamiliarize myself with the formula, but barricade attacks essentially take into account the damage amount as opposed to success rate. Then, of course, some weapons have a bonus as mentioned.
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